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Alatornio (ruots. Nedertorneå) is a former municipality, now part of Tornio City area. Originally Alatornio has Been a large part of the Gulf of Bothnia to the Arctic Ocean crossing pirkka kinds of usufruct area. Upon Arriving in the 1600s carried out a social club within the division so That the virtual Torne Valley Alatornion Formedia His Own Congregation. Alatornion fired Tornio city in 1621. First city charter was ADOPTED in Tornio 7.9.1620 And that the city had to Be Seittenkarin located on the island, wakes up is about twenty kilometers southwest of Suensaaresta. Tornio anneettiin new kaupunkiprivilegiot 12/5/1621 Suensaarelle. City's commercial area was Promised and Ylitornion Ala-keepers, Chemistry (together with Oulu) and Kalix (together with Luleå), Tornio and Kemi Lapit as well as the right to Trade off the coast of the Arctic Ocean. Karunki separated Alatornion 1745. Peace of Hamina 1809 After one of the third to the church was then Alatornion the Swedish side. Even part of the invited Alatornion (Nedertorneå), and later in 1900s the Haparanda According to the main village. In 1925 Tornio was annexed parts of the municipality Alatornion Putaan village. After Alatornion removed more areas of European Tornio city before the final combi nation of the municipality of the city of Tornio. Putaan village railway area was annexed 1944 Tornio. In 1957 Tornio Still Attached to the rest Putaan village Röyttä village of dock areas of European, mutatis mutandis, Pirkkiöstä part, a small part of Kiviranta Yliraumon and villages. Eventually, The entire municipality Alatornion Extensive country side together Karungi With the education institute was annexed in 1973 the city of Tornio. Alatornion church, stone church in the Torne River Delta in Aspen, opposite the Bank is well-known historic Swedish rule, the final phase of construction (from the 1400s, expanded in 1797, J. Rijf).

Alatornion and the city of Tornio church Lords under Swedish rule. (H. J. Boström)
The Oldest recently Told the Whole Coastal region around the Gulf of Bothnia, the Quark to the north, collectively known as the Norrabotteniksi. 1300-first century appears to the first Decades of this response area along the Nagpur Thurs Have Been Almost free of fixed habitation for months or at least that many was so sparsely populated That it Could Be Arranged seurakuntamuodostuksia work. The Purpose of disseminating as much as Psychological Economics of kudos These localities to the Cultivation of king Magnus Eriksson Regency During the minority is decided Thurs dispose of the Coastal countries in Skellefteå in Oulu Thurs Christianity, a Confessor, Ken wanted Thurs Settle there uutisasukkaina or Merchants . Käskynhaltijakin had a common east and west of the Gulf of Bothnia, while living, they will from time to time Korsholm castle. Only the church was in Relation To Some kind of Difference Exists Between EACH half of the province. The western part of the nominally belonged to the Archbishop of Uppsala and the eastern bishop of Turku. Certain limit IS NOT yet known "when.

What is the old church of Tornio is Both Sides of the Torne River, was random, so does the ITS early stages unknown. Recently, however, That Revealed in 1340 Tornio-century chapel was the subject of Luleå. Indeed, research has been Received photographic method invisible to the eye of the medieval text, find words: De Lulo capellis Hold et cum Toorn X or II. In one document, v: Mentions of 1374 That the Bishop of Turku Hemming, Hemming Niilonpojan Archbishop of Uppsala and the Uppsala Cathedral is behalf of Approximately 1340 mid-century church wedding in Tornio. Probably the chapel Where The church was still Relatively young. The exhibit turbid bothered Further That the two heads of the Diocese, Probably in the summer of 1347, met in a port (Kompanasundh) in Luleå and Tornio Unity Between the Churches, "when there discussed the issue of Diocesan boundaries. Archbishop of the turbid extended trip to Tornio, M, they baptized twenty Lapps and Karelian (Finnish), Oulu, Kemi and Simosta a big tub, wakes up for this Purpose had Been Imported into the chapel to the church. The murky end of the century, on a lengthy Dispute, Kaakamanjoki stipulated limit of Uppsala and Turku Between dioceses Planet the Finnish Settlements in flagrante delicto stretched Even farther, at least that many in the Kainuu and Tornio rivers up. The limit was 1374 advocatus Helsingie Torstanus Styrbjörnsson. As the border remained the turbid Throughout the Whole of Swedish rule and read the Torne Parishes in the North West province as well as the Torne Lapland, and city, therefor, Thu Sweden.

Already in 1380-first century looms clergyman Arriving here in the bottom. He is Mr. Anders, Norrabottenin dean, Ken was deployed in one court Decision in Tornio parish 29 / 7 1386. His Name Does not exist in Priests for months, since it is doubtful Whether the Luleå Whether or Tornio at his church. Probably the last place yet at That time was kontrahtirovastin habitat. Event Not known yet Whether the Tornio then separated from Luleå own church at all. Specifically keeper Tornio all Cases occur in the year 1413 the land register, According to wakes there'd Have Been fumes number thirty. The late Middle Ages Seems To Have Been Tornio Uppsala tuomiorovastilla palkkapitäjänä ie prebendinä.

Always 1600s was the beginning of the issue in the parish area Almost as large as half of the current Finnish Land. It extended from the Gulf of Bothnia the Arctic Ocean, the Russian border kauvas the Swedish side, and Eve included the part of the current Norjaakin. Admittedly Särkilahti, current Ylitornio, jo wakes up by the end of the Middle Ages had ITS own church building without a priest, the king's letter of 20/11 in 1530 separated from the Specific into a co-Pastor, vain soon lost ITS Priests and had re-Thurs emäseurakunnan aneksipitäjäksi. In the early 1600s, it then fired a second time. Ever since the original church of Tornio is the most southern part was called the Alatornio. Around this time, also Life Style expelled from the Torne Lapland, snow and imposed a Pastor's residence. Letter, 28 / 4 1606 indicate komisaari Daniel Hjort alkuvalmistukset Been a committed for the church and papinkin Elected. That Came From church to the wilderness of Lapland's esikoistemppeli, the famous Rounalan church. Tornio Lapland were joined in in 1614 and was re-Alatornion under ITS year in 1673, When It was Formedia-three, investigation of its own church in Lapland: Jukkasjärvi, and Kautokeino Kaaresuvanto. Another major area of Reduction occurred in 1633, "when the Kemi Lapland was separated and the ITS own Priests.

Alatornion separated from the northern part of the 1745 Karungi Congregation of the chapel, the WHO in 1782 proclaimed ITS own, Carl-Gustaf That name into a co-pastor. Torne itäpuoleisesta part of a Peace-making Came Thurs Belong to Finland, was Formedia 22 / 2 1812 Alatornion Karungi underground chapel. It was separated in 1859 into a co-Pastor of Their own.

City of Tornio, wakes up is 21 / 5 Received Privilegio 1621, it was Not the first Decades of at his own church; vain Used the city controller Pirkkiössä church. However, there did Not Because REACH Any Other Way please over the river, had Difficulties wakes up in the spring and autumn, Asked the bourgeoisie to the offerings in the Reichstag in 1642 Thurs bring resources to the church building. City built in the 1647 church, wakes up, however, jo 21 / 6 1682 lightning burned interiors. Current kapeatorninen beautiful church was consecrated a 11 / 7 1686 Even though it was only later interior design and painting. City of Hamina was Tornio on the Finnish side of the border and the kingdom of the new condition of the church was Organized in 1812 by combining the regulation 'aneksina Alatornion Vicar Kingdom. Both Parishes Priests in common was the city fired UNTIL ITS own Pastor in 1896 into a cooperative.

Alatornion Church Particularly appropriate 'is a place to watch the midnight sun. Pirkkiön church is located on the island. In this high place Good to see the sun above the horizon at night with the medium and the environments are always, and Korpi Kaakamon Village mountains. At least, this book described the Giuseppe Acerbi Alatornion the location of the church on visiting here in June 1799.

The church just as foreigners were Graduated consciousness. It was the era, the most important church buildings in our country. At the end of the medieval stone church built in the 1780s was the century of expansion That in Need of repair. At That time, over-the Curator of the Stockholm Office Thurs Prepare the drawings, wakes up, however, were dissatisfied with the parishioners. The work was delayed a decade, and the Prepared Thurs plan and build the era was Perhaps the most famous Finnish church builder Jacob Rijf.

Alatornion current stone church was above the gray stone church expansion. The medieval part of a frame on the east ristisakaralle, others are new sakarat pohjakaavaltaan Equality of the cross-shaped church. Also Vestry is medieval. Issue Hardly unfamiliar Thurs distinguish old from new parts. Reformed church 1794-1797.

Alatornion church roof is flat pitched roof, WCG is ristisakaroiden aumattu ends. Ristikeskustalta will Rise as the DRM medium wooden tower, wakes Originally was placed in the clocks. The tower at the base of the floor and RAILING Plans together with Archival That bothered with data on the issue were Taken into consideration. Rijfin Purpose was to-use the materials of the old Belfry tower of beautiful accessories. It is Ken Tourists come here to watch the midnight sun.

I REACH the west at the main entrance is Both Sides had Originally Planned Doric half-columns or pilasters. This Would Have Been Gustavia kind of Neo-Classicism. The Church is Reflected in the ITS appearance Alongside The earlier styles, wakes are characterized by influences of Adolf Fredrik Church in Stockholm. Gustavia Neoclassical quite typical of a light-colored interior of the church. The interior decorations are just two highlights: the Altar and the Pulpit gilt trimmings. They have over-intendant of the Agency In accordance with the plan even if we though Jacob Rijf Originally Prepared drawings of Them as well. Rijf was conservative, and so simplified Plans were in Stockholm and modernized. The Altar and Pulpit are located ristisakaroiden beveled inner corners, so the visibility and audibility is Taken into account.

Rijf Jacob (1753-1808) That time was at Finnish church builders apparently only Received training in the Stockholm Academy of Fine Arts in civil architecture department. They Received a certificate in 1784, WCG was assessed very Positively Thurs at his post Their capabilities. Certificate Signed by C.F. Adelcrantz and Olof Tempelman. Positive perception of Rijfille meant a lot. Adelcrantz was over-indententtinä, wakes That meant Rijf immediately gained the designation of Operations in the North West provincial officer.

Rijf rose visible in the person of His family Among the church on the other builders. His first job was Luodon (Larsmo) wooden church, had the wakes of Ships at his brother Thomas Rijfin name. The church was consecrated in 1787. Then Jacob Took over the task of James City for the rural medieval stone church expansion. In the 1790s built the Jacob Skellefteå and Alatornion Churches and wooden draw Oravais drawings. Oravais church was built, however, over-the Curator of drawings by the Agency. In Addition, they participated in Chemistry for the rural, Vimpeli, Himangan Short Lake and the construction of Churches. Kuopio is Also a stone church building was started, but their the Finnish war interrupted the work, & His son Jacob moved Thurs Sweden with Carlin. They started Kungsholmen middle tower of the church construction, vain Both Became ill and at last around Christmas 1808.
(Aarne Heimala original)

Strange and Peculiar Churches of Tornio was the transition period, wakes Followed the conclusion of the the Peace of Hamina. As mentioned jo, stretching, and That the Ala-Ylitornion Parishes is Both Sides of the Torne River, wakes up again was a result of the plots of the farmers had the river on the opposite side. Pitäjäläisillä had the Right to choose, within three years, EACH kingdom kumpaanko wanted. Peace Agreement, it was a piece of land Exchanges, except That task within the time limit, wakes up was subsequently extended. Ward Allocation, however, lasted for years and many monetize Practical considerations were an obstacle it Thurs. New Churches were built, or Even the road existed north of the Finnish side. Asked births officer, therefor, the Churches That'd still be allocated, and therefor part of Finland's side include Hernösandin Diocese. Clergy joined the motion, and, strangely Enough Also it supported the Turku cathedral chapter. On the other hand, objected to the government council mm "Because it was a repugnant Religious respectfull That the Different Kingdoms'd subject one part of the rulers valtain These times and has submitted behalf of Praying." St. Petersburg, and of course the presentation hyljättiin That result was the Parishes and Their property was distributed as soon as Possible. When Alatornion church and the Vicar of the official house was east of the river, They stayed in Finland. Asked me was the case for the opposite. Therefor, the church records were Alatornion Finland, Sweden and Övertorneå. However, it Took Many years before the club was Held social conditions, built of Churches, etc, were These congregations are Both Sides of the river Actually still common by 1818. Because of this peculiarity in it, That Alatornion history books years from 1809 onwards is marked every year with two Different title were born, married and at last, namely, "Kejs. Ryska sidan" and "Kongl. Svenska sidan." Sweden Alatornion parish church was Held in 1818 from Saxony in the cabin, until the church in the village of Haparanda was completed in 1825. V from 1842, it has Been in the turbid church in the town of Haparanda.
Even though half the Clergy in Tornio earliest times even if we Not known by name, so is the Vicar of a series known since the late Middle Ages, ie about 450-year period. All of These Priests not have belonged to the original church, is no longer wakes up only the two REMAINING Alatornion controller. Since the Finnish side Alatornion Clergy 1800s, wakes Also has included four Consecutive Castrén called the the Vicar, is Partly found in the Bishop Farrow, Deceased "Paimenmuistosta 'Biographies and Descendants of the Lack of Them will be short-blacklisted, WCG will Hopefully in the near future Can Appear, I'm limited here Presented Thurs shepherd the memory of Hamina Peace in the fermented at a time "when the Tornio region was Hernösandin Diocese.

This priesthood is usually Not Been a better or worse please mutch parts of the kingdom. None of Them had a Higher ecclesiastical office, but their there is a very Energetic and Ken of outstanding men were much Larger and more Difficult tasks please most counter parts around the Sametime farther south. Except That the Congregation was exceedingly large and Difficult to Manage and prästämbetet therefor there like a Particularly attractive, it noted That Ask a question, for late times was Relatively pagan parishioners, Especially in the Lapps Ken Some do not readily abandon Thurs wanted the old pagan faith, and ITS Expenditure. The severity and had Thurs Thurs coercive Measures resort of Usedom.
The period in question had two copies of the parish, whose area of operation, the limit was the Tornio River. - Read the western part of town. Became the river on the border Kingdoms, is on Both Sides of the Vicar Worked Alongside more than just one Chaplain.

Even before 1477 v. Wide Tornio emäseurakunnan Vicar service permanent holder, as the 3 / 12 (the Feria quarta ante Nicolai), Stockholm, the Council ordered a Jenis Japsonin 40 marks penalty of a fine Thurs bring justice Thurs 140 mark, wakes up it was Thurs owed Mr. Ragvaldille "Tornöö 'Journal, as well as concealing all the silver. The following year, one of Jacob Bengtsson mutch plus two men swore in front of the jury in Stockholm Gave Mr. Ragvaldille Tornio (Torno) gold-plated copper and received from him a pint of rat skin 8 Ragvaldus apparently at last in 1477.

Nicolaus Gerdari.
Probably born in Stockholm. V: na 1456 enrolled in one of Nicolaus de Gerdari Holmis Garðar ie, baccalaureatus, Greifswald University, there was a Master of 1457. Tornio was appointed to Vicar of 1477. Lives and activities on Able and Experienced man, "Virum Scientia et vita et moribus predictum approbatum". They Took the Vicar at his Duties Thurs PERFORM IS NOT known. Uppsala tuomiorovastin Tornio Vicar of the post in protest of 13/11 in 1477 and it was solemnly read Uppsala cathedral sacristy, "Cantor et sacrorum canonum doctor" as well as two Matheuksen kanonikin presence. This Happened exactly a month on the Inauguration of the University of Uppsala. Nicolaus Gerdari was canonicus Uppsala 3 / 2 1477 and is mentioned as yet in 1491 and 1494. Uppsala University Library has retained two palaeotypiä nim. Bonaventura "Sermones" Laurentius and Valle, Ken has owned and Nicolaus Gerdari with at his handwritten notes. They carried the cathedral ohrissa salary. Mester Niclis Gerdari, Uppsala Cathedral prebendatus, bought Himself 2 / 4 1464 from a house formerly the citizenry. Johan Peringsköldin drawing, Published by Nicolaus Gerdarin, "presbiter sepultus 1502 'tombstone in Uppsala Cathedral is referring Thurs Obviously this man.
This interim period was the church of Tornio Uppsala tuomiorovastilla prebendinä ie palkkapitäjänä.

Tornio was Vicar at least that many as an early-1539, Because They Gave rovastinvirastaan in the year, "the merciful Lord has Bestowed upon him," kippunnan pike and 100 berenkalaa. This deanery was, however, only at his own Congregation. Winter assizes in 1539, on Wednesday, the day after Christmas, 20, was fined a lot Erich Persson Laffuenäsiä 40 land on the ground That they had appropriated the Lord Oloffilta Meadow. Rovastirahoina 1542, they Completed 6 mk 6 crustaceans. Apparently at last in 1543, Gustav Because Waasa Oloffin Testament under 17 / 9 en ACKNOWLEDGE receipt of the Hungarian Gyllene 6

Michaël H.
Tornio was the first Chaplain. Sentenced to 10 / 3 1547 Virgo häväisemisestä (mökränkning) 40 Mark of the fine. Tornio was appointed to Vicar of the parish in 1553. Sala Berg Assistance they Gave the Vicar of a barrel of capacity, except butter, "1 st. Räckebolster, 1 hufvudbolster, 1 st. VEPA och för en björnskinsfäll KM: ts behof". Tornio Vicar's official residence was Estimated to Be 20 double-load of arable land, 15 load, Meadows, elättäen 30 cows, wakes up only a tenth of salmon, wakes were Received Prior Thurs Esko's day, Fell has it, wholesale fish corner Svensarsaarella, 1 cargo of salmon and a full Purse, "a priest-to-use the year and a day", plus lapinkymmenyksinä kippunnan pike and 15 reindeer Hides. Mr. Erich Kainuun Vicar with Lord Michael donated 1 / 6 1554 King Gustav näädännahkaa 6 Mr. Michillin by Gustav Waasa says luottamusmiehekseen, King 24 / 7 1559 the Missionary ordered Thurs diligently take care of the fact-That the Lapps Lapland, Tornio "måtte Komma till noon sannskyldig Gudz kundskap, doop och christendom". His Preaching Is Said Thurs kaikuneen Lapland, such as "vox clamantis Isto vastissimo in deserto." Mr. Michael & His course is likely occupy Thurs-three brothers built the Lapps Rounalan kirkonkin. He was Followed by the Royal Majesty was Given a testamentary 6 Gyllene Hungary and kaksoisdukaatti, WCG provides 20 / 9 1560 Duke Magnus made Himself cash.

Andreas Nicolai.
Was Probably the kind of rich pirkka Niilo Olaf's son Son of Piteå Öjebyn Hampnenistä Mr. Anders wakes house since 1591 and the 9 / 10 1593 Received a tax exemption. Action 1555-1560 Gustav Waasan hovisaarnaajana. Shorter period of time before 1555 they Seems To Have Been Vicar of Luleå, Master Aaron's Chaplain. Tornio jo was Vicar in 1560, "when the tax was carried out. Mentioned in the Torne Vicar in the Stockholm 18 / 2, dated 1562, and Hannu Laurin is the memorial to the Son in a kind of pirkka Tornio and Kemi Lapland voutia Oluff Amundsonia & His sons was Accused of a number of Concerns. M.m. it is pronounced: "Theslikes at the openbarliga blasphemera och bespåtta Gudz ordh och aldrig Komma hwarken j Kirke eller församblingar vthen giöre stor förargelse iblandt menige Menn, Thet kircke Herren here to anders j Torno sampt Säxmänn högth beklagadhe". This Pastor was carried out in taxes vv. 1560 and 1562 while in Tornio, 2 barrels of butter, 2 kippunnaa pike and 3 barrels of salmon, and Also the turbid amount for the year 1564. They Received a 20 / 7 s.v. They talouskapineet wakes Tornio house ministry had Given the king the manor of Luleå, "when it was Founded, but their wakes Returned" when was the mansion that was disbanded in 1564. Already Engaged in Tornio, while the priest at his job along with a large trade. He is The Same Anders Nicolai, Ken in 1565 was The Vicar of Piteå and wakes is Said To Have Been In His Rolling kinds pitäjäläisiään That old and some times they went Event Thurs Thurs Tornio Recover debts. 1569 was the Reichstag and the Clergy not have signed on behalf of the Reichstag's Decision. Älfsborgin for Ransom at his Effects from v. 1571 was Estimated at 2294 FM 6 äyriksi, so they was the richest Norrlands Priests. V: na 1574 "papinkiduttaja" Bailiff Olavi Antero boy from Burma Gave the Vicar mm Lapin Unauthorized trading, but their the charges were repealed. Throughout Western North Ruck Andreas Gave the best kind of Nico opinions, mm Explaining That at his life and teaching were all exemplary. Liturgical counter this clergyman resigned in 1577 John III's Requirement and agreed in Writing To follow up. Was bthis in the northern municipality kontrahti dean. Probably not this action later, there was full, Because the king ordered the re-Andreas Nicolai 27 / 1 1583 Vicar. In particular, was at his view Considered That the acquisition of the Priests of the old-school fathers' Writings and sermons Followed. V: na 1587, they acknowledged rovastintynnyrit five Municipalities as well as the Pastor Explained distributed Piteå and Luleå Lapps word of God. Pirkkalaisena they nim. lapin knew the language. Andreas Nicolai order of the government of a company Osten Niilonpojan 1590 Kem half Trying to find out Ostrobothnia old border against Russia. Was Thurs personally attendee in the meeting in Uppsala in 1593 Signed and there, the decision of the 'red book' to reject. Resigned before 1591 v. rovastintoimestaan. This was Hardly a Voluntary Basis, as the Uppsala Protocol domkapitlets 1 / 3 1593 states: "Bleef talked about D: Andrea's in Pijte, at han skulle meedh thett blifwa priweradt första för några wiktige orsaker". Charles was then the Duke of popularity and Became a member of the Committee, WCG was Thurs Examine the Swedish state law Lapps of Norway and the Russian frontier land, M they poroillaan Became Himself. They owned nim. number of deer and Traded in Stockholm as well as in Lapland. Andreas Nicolai Also is known as one of the first Sawmill owner. His Rectory burned down in 1573 in Piteå, WCG is why they got 2 years of tax exemption. Piteå at last at the beginning of the year is 1600. Written Action: reversed some of the Lapp language evankelioita, vain Not had time to get ready, and wakes up at his son later Took advantage of. Was married, but their at his wife's name is unknown. Pite church These times Spouses donated to the Altar table, so-called curtain antependium year's 1589. Corners are the initials AN, MJ D (wife), AMAD and KAD (daughters).
Nicolaus Andreae Rehn. His father's successor Piteå parish priest in 1600. Also Kontrahti was dean. Lapinkielisen released the first alphabet, WCG is well known, only one copy is no longer intact, namely the City of Bremen in the library, as well as a small exhibition lapinkielisen book, Printed in Stockholm in 1619. Piteå toukokuussa1628 at last.

Eschillus Andreae Ruuth.
Born in Uusimaa. Kem was a Vicar in 1558, and is at the same time Also there Bailiff SETI fiscal year 1561. Tornio was Transferred to the post of Vicar in 1565. In one Hannu Laurin Boy Björnramille is 18 / 2 dated 1562 at his memorial in Finland, the Leaving Mentions Oluff Anundsonista, "som är i Birckall Torno och Lappe fougte j Kim," mm "Mann nu haffwer Oluff Anundson THz fastagit Them, så som månge icke wele wara j Nöije och hans Giora honum ther förähring före, Them låter Hann slåå j hiäll Och Fara in medt, ther igenum mister och KM then schatt Hans Nådh required haffwe think there att, THz klagade hele Kim Sochn och here to Eskill kirckeherren ther samestädz ". Ransom was Älfsborgin have entered in 1571 at his in Determining Effects from the following: 445 silver bullets, gold Crowns 12 pcs. Estimated at 15 luodiksi silver, money, 180 mark, Tina 2 1 / 2 pounds, brass 2 pounds 4 mark, copper 5 1 / 2 pounds, 23 cows, 1 bull, 7 calves, 3, Sheep, 4 pigs, and 3 horses. Is at the same time, CP was Chaplain Laurentius Henrici property luodiksi 1 silver. Tornio, 14 / 8 1578 Letter That "Eskell Andersson owerdigh gudz ordz Tienari i Torno Sochen" Referred Thurs in paragraph recommends Laurentiu Kemi Vicar. Sai kings. Letter 10 / 9 1581 palkanlisäykseksi 4 pounds annually of Cereals. Even if half of Tornio "Hatred old", ie the Nordic countries 25-year war had Not tion as such "horrors Liminka, Ii et al southern most keepers, however, it was the war. Remarkable Cases of Ostrobothnia and Lapland War history is undoubtedly the Russian Military expeditions Thurs Lapland v: na 1590 and 1591. It was the only time That the Swedish side of the Stronger Armed Forces Trying Thurs Lapland, the Arctic Ocean, until the conquest. Thus, the North Ancestry Supreme Warlord and Founder of the Castle of Oulu Peter Bagge was Thurs Prevail upon Their 1590 Stockholm Tornio Eskillus Andreae 18 lästisen ship, sailed wakes up in Tornio and Stockholm Matter. Until November. 1593 the Vicar was laivastaan freight charge talaria 18 Around this time, the soldiers often lived in the Vicarage in Tornio. Ruuth a State Loans up to 300 talariin UNTIL leverans form of the Son, and Hannu Lauri Henrik Franklin expedition for the Purpose mentioned. Laurin-chief Hannu Boy, "was" when they are at his Way to Norway ", was Vicar mm 80 talarin cash loan. Signed the decision of the Uppsala Assembly in 1593. "Andreas utij Pita Eschillus utij Tornå och Laurentius utij Kimj Sochner, pastores," Gave the Tornio 19 / 4 1593 Written Opinion: "Epter thn stormectige herre och furste Hertig Carll hauffuer begäret vete about the lapper utij Tornå Kimi lappemarker och efter till the 3 konunger skat gore huilkom tree off the land och vatn haffye ther off the Sina Narin haffue kunna ". Their taxes carried out in 1596, but their murky at last the year. Spouse: Barbro Haakonintytär. 1598 was a widow her Husband's final performance sotaleveransseista.

Magnus Jonae.
Was Appointed Vicar in 1597. Lord "Måns i Torno" conducted by 1599 tax: 3 barrels of butter, 2 kippunnaa pike and-three barrels of salmon. Uppsala 16/10 1600 domkapitlets Protocol states: "DN. Magnus, quondam Tornöensis Pastor" Asked to get back to at his post on about 2 years in custody. This was Granted. It Does not Shem, however, regained the Vicar's office, but their proposal was INSTEAD a tax of one farmstead and 8 barrels of corn elatuksekseen.
Died apparently in 1625, Because one of Laurentius Andreae Gestricius (Gävle was in 1593, Senni of the city's Chaplain), Ken had at his right heirs, brought on the 18 / 7 1626 Norrbotten voudilta Fri Andersson 31 talaria 19 crustacean, wakes made "the blessed Lord Månsin share for the previous year. "

Hans Petri.
Was a Vicar, only vv. 1599-1600. Tornio was Vicar Leveraging Thurs retain the benefit concerning the pay of GBP 2 grain, and limited land Grant Letter, 23 / 1 1.600.
Canutus Martini Carelius.
From Vyborg. Stockholm was the 1593 Finnish parish Preacher signing of the Uppsala Assembly's Decision. Also refers to the years 1596 and 1597 "Ecclesiastes Finnorum Stockholmiae". Appointed 15 / 8 1599 Tornio parish Vicar. Uppsala domkapitlets minutes are marked 12/11 1600 you want, Dn Canutin Tornio mm referring Thurs proposée domkapitlets Tornio saselaanin Dn Georgiuksen (Georg Henrici) (page 79) a priest in Lapland, M Charles, Duke of order Ask a question. Their degrees wakes up on the chamber Councillor Nils Anteron Boy Lilliehöök, Fårdalan man, had Norrland Thurs, Mr. Knut was as a result have entered what was Revealed in Tornio 18/10 assizes in 1605, Among those who currently had made Himself Guilty of Major Violations, and wakes Charles IX 15 / 1 1606 issued In accordance with the instruction were "avoided förvarade" bring to "vid distingsmarknaden i Upsala." The reason for Prosecution appears at his Thurs Have Been That only the priest had bought karhuntaljan and in some Cases, the church gives penalties, before the Accused had Been convicted of a Secular law. These crimes were the Archbishop of Uppsala Olaus Martin's view, so inconsequential, Carelius That set back to at his post. This apparently Angered the king, as the letter of 20 / 9 1607 severely they Archbishop asks what right they had been appointed to Mr. Knutin Tornio Vicar, though they was a man and Notorious senvuoksi invited Thurs Thurs Stockholm Their answer for crimes. Received toukok Carelius parishioners. Good review in 1607, wakes Among Other things, In particular pointing out That they preached "intelligible language" (in Finnish). Yet they had put an end Thurs ITS unruly life, wakes had practiced Been Even kirkossakin. Archbishop omavaltaisuus Probably in this case caused by the Disgrace Carelius forced the king to a Greater extent please'd other wise be the case, Perhaps Not. Carelius Seems To Have Considered Himself innocent. Under the motto "Antidotum" translations, wakes them Dedicated to Charles IX's Spouse, the Queen Kristin less than they spent mm Hebrews. 13 "'waar Trost then är ett godt at Wij samvet haffiue' and Ps' Om icke tijn Lag hadhe min warit Trost, så wore jagh förgången uthi älende Mitt." 31 / 8 1608 dating the initial sentence, who asks, a "hostile people following the accusatio has Become the king's Disgrace," the Queen of Re-Entering puoltolauseella K. M's grace. Apparently, this was a easier as Gustav II Adolf of Sweden lodged 9 / 3 1614, ordered That the Lapps had Learned then the Preacher (Georgius Henrici) was care less, so That the Majority of the Lapps had 3-4 years Heard Preach, " wällärdh man Herr Knuth, Kyrkioheerde i Thårne'm here to effther till oss oppe tijd een behageligh cramp Guddztiensten för förbemelte Lapper uthi Thörnö Lappmarck efther som af tilförene kyrckioherden därsammanstädes skedt är ". Pay him the murky figures were 24 barrels of tithe grains. Archbishop Petrus had Kenicius Thurs check in Tornio, 19 / 6 1616, Ordering the case, inter alia, That the 8 barrels of corn wine, wakes Tornio undivided church UNTIL then had Been, but their now appeared to Be Insufficient, since Given Alatornion, promising we asked for a Specific amount of the king. Tornio Congregation were nom. 1606 v During his time in half again, and Ala-Ylitornion Vicar Municipalities. Tornio church was Waasa jo-kings Among the Highest in Over. The following is a descriptive, Professor Johan Oxenstierna Aksel Raumannuksen statement: "Kyrkioherden uti Tornöö sålde i Stockholm i denne Host (1613) lax och andre wahrur 900 daler, och ändå haffver rijkeliga försörjt then there hus och Mett Wijn Allehanda slagz freminande drycker". Canutus Gave one of the most "Olwff ijakopszonin" with John the Baptist Parsonage Alatornion day in 1615 Signed a report is his or her journey from lapinvouti Reinhold Steger club Tornio Lapland. In it, they will appoints Himself "Canutus Martini Carelius Pastor Under Torna och i des Lapmarker" and prizes without a Detailed Explanation of conditions on Lapland. This report is interesting even if we in Relation to the alpha it provides a glaring picture of the Lapps and juoppoudesta Unauthorized sale of liquor in Lapland. After the early 1600s in the Torne River's mouth began to Build Dams on the beach, wanted the Vicar, a Resident of the beach, by use of this new way of Downhill. Were forced Thurs place the Dispute Pitkäniemi dam Tornio burgess Abraham Laurin with the Son. The Inspection Took place holder instruction in the presence of 3 / 7 1620, "when the Vicar was in the red. Mr. Knut is a 25 / 5 1622 Also report on the Lower and Övertorneå vv. Accrued raamatunpainattamistynnyreistä 1611-21. "Herr Cnutt i Torpet," Ala-Raumon village, a former Minister, is marked 1625 and 1626 lists of the controller wakes Thurs proves not have waived at his office before they at last and then lived in the house Torp. Probably in 1626 at last [36].
While Canutus Carelius office was in custody, handled the post of Vicar Alatornion Martinus Skomacherus Sigfrid Forsius, Ken studied in Uppsala 1604-05 and is a Signatory to the word of God as a servant in Tornio tithe list in 1607.

Martinus Mathiae Warg, Vargus Also Wargius say.
Was a graduate in Uppsala in 1601, "when they are 15 / 5 on qualifying, Primus moved astronoomiseen category. Was the first Vöyrin Chaplain, WCG was Transferred Thurs Stockholm, the Finnish Vicar of the parish office. Närpes was appointed to Vicar of about 1610. Gustav II Adolf of Sweden released the 12 / 7 1613 Wargin carried out by the turbid half of the fiscal year Because "they lived in the middle of the highway and no one Walked Passed him" (departing from the Vicarage). Sai apupalkaksi 12 / 2 1616 8 barrels of corn. Against Their Will Warg was appointed to Vicar of Alatornion 1624. Multiply the result from the fact-That the W's "when the Riksdag in Stockholm, Where The reluctance of the types of complaints Rolling pappiaan point out, why I have not have Said They knew a way Where it'd be there, how They kuritettava Ask a question. Gustavus Adolphus, on this Consultation, the proxy immediately sent Wargille Alatornion the post of Vicar. W. was willing Thurs Not Leave, Not vain dared refuse. Since the change of address so kauvas north was a wretched and expensive, Warg Not Know Any Other advice, as the Authorities Charged Thurs Marry her daughter again Thurs spare and to share this property, and the second Between vävynsä Chaplain. "I have 14 horses," He Said Thurs at his successor Laurentius Gallukselle. "I'll take two of truth. Somethin you will not have to share Antero-Chaplain with the Brethren. Firewood you not have Enough years. Kaskesta you will get half and half Antero-esque" [38]. This proved Närpes assizes 1624 Lappväärtin Vicar Nicolaus Wargiuksen Henrici said. The previous day, however, was "Mr. Marten, Vicar Närpes sooner," the plaintiff claimed That "Lauri-man (Laurentius Kempe) today Närpes Vicar" Itself'd not have had furniture Warg That left the Parsonage, "when they then moved to the Tornio Vicar, "och nu är kommen ighen at hempta then there Bohagztygh Haffuer bemälte her Lars inthedth weladt Utgiffwadt. Derigiönnom her Mårthen haffuer måst Leghat och töffwadt sijn tidh hele 3 wickur. swarade Der til Lars at her gaff honom han Mårthen sijn dotter medh 7 hestar all wedhen til Prästebolet huggen är, Swedielandh, en Stufwa, 3 Benekiedijnor och sadhe sigh derupå haffua witnen. Hwilcka icke thief till städhes. annadt Men allt her Mårthens bohagztijgh dömdis her Mårthen strax utbekomma. Och de giffne Pertseler Stand qwarstadh Intill i dess at witnen framkomme och det åtskillia "[39]. Kings. Letter dated 28 / 3 share in 1625 they reached the salmon tithing, wakes up the state Downhill Tenant had refused "To Give him. When the Torne citizenry did Not want To Give the Tall Vicar Niemi keep salmon dam, ordered the KM käskynhaltijansa Thurs keep an eye is, That the Vicar of the Right to frustrate [40], therefor, unlike the predecessor period. Sai worship submission of Kemi and Tornio Lapland, 29 / 3 1625 and 9 / 4 1629 Additional salary every tenth of salmon and 4 barrels of corn counter part. When the Vicar Tornaeusta later Accused of Goods import duty over Lapland, they claimed also Life Style To Have Wargin turbid without him in the indictment. W. Gave Alatornion Parsonage 24 / 1 1630, dated receipt for kings. According to the letter the northern municipality of dean river Bailiff Gregerssonilta Received 24 from the barrel of barley "god of the services, wakes I Need to keep the Tornio and Kemi Lapeissa, as my predecessor, my year for a consideration not have enjoyed." Letter, 16 / 3 1633 were imposed, however, That the Kemi Lapland, Kemi was Covered under the church and Pastor That was Tornio with it no longer has anything to do one.
Warg dean at last Alatornion 5 / 2 1639. Lule Reverend Andreas Canuti letter Thurs Inform the death of 10 / 3 sv Archbishop of Uppsala, noting the church Vicar Deeply miss at his "och för den salige Mannens eruditions experientz central government debt uthi många saker samt för hans dexteritet till then at föregåå oroliga församblingen bådhe uthi lara och leffuerne "[4 liters]. Buried beneath the floor of the church Chancel Alatornion before the Altar.
Written activities on: Commentatio Bothniae orientalis. Was apparently a man reputed To Have Learned, seeing Professor Stodius 1632 was owned by him synodaaliväitöskirjansa "De libero arbitrio".
Spouse: Vöyri Valborg Wernberg, whose parents were Ostrobothnia law reader, Gabriel Wernberg Paul Mac (born in Rauma, Finland, at last over 100 years old Vöyri 1636) and James' daughter Barbro Viloides., Rovastintytär Vörå.
Johannes Martini Wargh. Yliopp. Uppsala heinäk. 1625 [42]. Acted as her father's assistant in Tornio, and Followed him to the parish priest, as they Said and Thunaeus Hülphers report. Probably jo at last in 1638. His Descendants are in Tornio, and possibly later lived Alatornion Warg-names are people.
Anna. Spouse Lappfjärd Vicar Magni Andreas Kempe, p. Vermlannissa, k. Lappfjärd 1658. The widow had resistances of at his son, his father's successor Lappfjärd Vicar of the master Kempestä Laurentius Andreae, Ken was the first rector of St. Birgitta triviaalikoulun 1655-57. Vicar's office, was Arrested in 1659 and at last in 1670-first century Lappfjärd [43]. Another of Their sons was a professor at the University of Turku Axelius Andreae Kempe. Anna Warg was married sooner Niilo a named person with this SETI Marriage and a son named Erik, the Bailiff profession. Turku domkapitlets minutes 16 / 5 1659 namely states: "Erich Fougden Nilsson Seger, att hanss Moor Dn S. Andreae pastoris i Lapfierd, enckia är dömd af jämkningzherrarna Rev. Dn Storkyrå och i pastore pastore Dn i Maalax, för att Jacobo gifua Hr 36 wekors tiänst 72 Dr Baade löhn ock för countries "[44].
A daughter, whose name is unknown. Spouse: Närpes Vicar Laurentius Johannis Gallus, p. Småland, k. Närpiö 13 / 6 1633. Their children were: Holms Chaplain, the Pastor finally Vöyrin Martinus Gallus, namely Galle (on d. 1703), and daughter Anna (d. Raahe? / 5 1689), whose Husband was Pastor at the Raahe Gabrielis Westzynthius Magnus (d. Raahe 16 / 6 1692).
Brita. Spouse: Alatornion Chaplain John Kempe, kn 1642 (page 61).

Johannes Jonae Tornaeus.
Probably born in Tornio in half, That Took Their name. Uppsala Student Union 16 / 2 1625. Was initially the home as a teacher in two Different locations in Sweden. Phil. inaugurated a Master of Uppsala, 1632, "when they had a companion mm subsequently Hernösandin awesome Superintendent Steuchius Petrus (d. 16/12 1683). Count Bengt Oxenstierna Traveled or n.s. "Passenger Pentti" accompanied by 6-7 years in Europe and the oriental, as far as China, Securing Himself a thorough knowledge of Oriental languages. After returning home to Earth was appointed to T. Alatornion Vicar of Uppsala domkapitlets Decision 11/10 in 1639. They had with the applicant in Stockholm of Finnish church Pastor Bartholdus. Tornaeus Received Confirmation of a book at his post 27 / 1 1640, wakes up on the church they Came Thurs. Said, Nyköping, dated Confirmation Paper says the Government (Abridged) That, as in Lapland situated in the Lower city of Tornio and the controller (Neder-Torne och Stadh Sochn Lapmarken i) Vicar Martinus Warg some time ago had at last, and the Archbishop of the Senate of the members of instigation - a replacement at his ordered Lord Johannes Jonae Tornaeuksen - senvuoksi are we - the amount by Lord John Jonae Tornaeuksen Vicar Said Ala-Tornio city and parish. "First, show the parish Chaplain Tornaeusta not have great stinginess. Tornaeus however, was very Energetic and self-conscious man, Ken from the beginning, Took the forward to the Lapps Thurs proselytize. They Took him the good like that lappalaispojan (Probably Olaus SIRMAN ), wakes up taught to read and katkismusta under stand. That they are then sent to Lapland Thurs teach lappalaislapsille reading primers and katkismusta. Self Tornaeus usually once or twice a year, Traveled Thurs Tornio Lapland Planet Utsjoki far known only Twice Throughout the post-course. vigorous attempts itsekkäisyyttä bothered Tornaeuksen Thurs keep the ITS part of Lapland, wakes was at his predecessors belonged. Wages, 10 barrels of corn, but their Not Been great, of a long desert-taking Journeys, vain They Came in Addition to the stumps is a tithe These trips. Tornaeuksen Chaplain & His Andracas Esseviuksen there was an outright race Lapland. E's government was Told Thurs PERFORM worship in the Torne Lapland, but their IT Does not turn a T.. The result was a trial in Tornio town hall 17 / 3 1641. Stellan Governor Mörner Accused Tornaeusta there include the following words: "Johan M. Hafuer för sin egen nyttigheet af offentlig berrådt moodh oplagdt sigh emott HK M: THz, min allernådigste vthkorade Drottningz denn högtärade regeringenn och i att han dett hafuer welat förhindra Her Anders Komma till att lappemarken, att ther Giora Sinn tienst och taga Sinn opbordh, ehuru wal M. Johan her om tilförenne nogsampt witterligitt war, att han skulle Giora Thet eij "-" Sedan hafuer han sendt Sinn Knicht Hendrich Hinderson effter her Anders När han på första trip Wagen war till lappemarken, förhindra honom att reesan, kallat honom back, they huar och icke kunde förändra reesa H. Andreae, så skulle Knichten Draga lappebyarne till och Anders Her förbiuda Hoos - och detta till öfuerflöd hafuer M. Johan tagett all presterentan af Enontechis Sochns byar ". Tornaeus responded to the allegations point by point, referring to the Archbishop" Zedell befallning och att i Lappmarken Draga. "T. Their stories finally won, Because Even If the Chancellor of the wholesale government Presence in the autumn of 1640 was governor of the Mörnerille Ruled That, unless a waiver T. Lapland, Mörnerin" Came Thurs Acquire the Court and Tornaeukselta head hit the cross, "However, they was regarded as the Torne Lapland. Rheen Samuel pronounces in 1671 wrote" Relation om Lapparnas Lefwerne "that" Pastor Tornensis "yet Traveled to the Torne Lapland once a year Thurs baptize children, and teach the people of the Christian Doctrine . Later, the power to the Council disapproved of the procedure Mörnerin, Saying table book, 13/11 1641 "Ervente Rixskattmestaren om det inpass, som Stellan Mörner Tornaeo gjordt och tillfogat hafwer Hens Consistorii bref, fengslandes honom och indigne tracterandes odii causa en prest hans, som till they förordna Ken Lappmarcken. "T. later tried to get people of Lapland and the Kemi They also Life Style Even tried yet," when the 1673 Decision of the new lappalaisseurakuntain up was done, opposes the ITS Implementation. Respectfull In this, they Turned Thurs Count Gabriel Oxenstierna half, promising Thurs ailments Give beaver skins. at his time was exceedingly T. Superstitious. Lapps was persecuted, not just the most magic Acts, vain Also by the fact-That They Kept Their ancient habits. Inquisition and torture in practice, and the Judges were Condemned. T. tells how a 80-year-old lappalaisukko, Ken "confessed" incantation peasant to death, then Even though the Decision Could not be implemented, "when a man seated in a Healthy Way to sleigh," för att i föras Landsens fängelse i Pithå, trullade han sig i sielf hjäl "Because they had Ruled That the executioner never having" Allow him to death. KM ordered the 23 / 2 1643 T to translate the language of Lapland Manuale Sveticumin, Printed under wakes was at his super-vision in Stockholm 1648. T. It was 6 / 9 1648 300 hopeatalaria Reward. He was released is "och från taxen Garden" 12/12 1648 and received a free book 4 fiscal house pitäjässään 18/12 sv Dean 1649, 1654 kontrahti dean and Clergy Representative vv. 1644 and 1647 the Riksdag in Stockholm. T During the built and in 1648 Graduated from the Torne city's first church, 21 / 7 1682 lightning strike burned to Ashes. Lapinvouti Oluff Nilsson Kraake Provided in the 1650's, K. M, on the Complaints letter, wakes Among Other things Alleged Thurs Tornaeuksen Lapps Bearing too much And that "when Kraake it was a Parson complained, not him then discharged into the Holy Communion. Parson's Role was also Life Style school environment monitoring. Among them also Life Style was the Resistors. Senate minutes 16 / 8 1660 is . Tornaeuksen complained That marked the Torne bourgeoisie had Sold the school-building, so pedagoogi Halsius Zapraszamy Not semester at the Beginning of Their disabilities to remain at headquarters gives education for children. Even in 1663 the number of Senate dean Thurs take care of the fact-That the school was the champion of the house and then from there Thurs take away anything that was there jo. He wrote in 1672 a description of Tornio and Kemi Lapeista, wakes up, however, was Printed in only 100 years, later. Sai K. M's Decision 15 / 11 1680 law, salmon tithing. Pitkäniemi T. Dam had Received Kristiina queen disposal. More Salary grains, they also Life Style got Himself personally. This "vir de Ecclesia optime Meritus' at last in the Parsonage 16 / 7 1681 and was Buried Sept. Alatornion sv church. vävynsä His corpse was Olaus Graan Sermon Parsonage, wakes Bee had invited guests from up to 40 miles away. funeral, wakes lasted two days, was also Life Style-three invited Jukkasjärvi the return trip to the French, Among them a play-writer Jean François Regnard , Ken has a fun, albeit Perhaps too blatant description of the funeral. Published by: De geometricae constitutionnelle, praes. Gestrinus ME, Upsala 1631. Disputatio planetaria-stella de Marte, id. praes. Upsala 1632. lapponicum-Manuale, Stockholm 1648 . Prosten-och kyrkoherden i Tornio Mag. John J. Tornaei Beskrifning öfver och Kemi Tornio Lappmarker, Written in 1672, Stockholm 1772 (Published by Sam. Loenbom S.). Lapmarckerna the story om tillstånd och Deras. Utgifven af KB Viklund. ( Svenska Landsmålen, XVII: 3), Upsala, 1900. Spouse: Anna Antero's daughter, whom the governor H. Clerck, Tornio, Finland 3 / 3 1682 letter was Granted a tax exemption for two to the house and on the other second Karungi Alavojakkalassa That her man was dead-paved desert.

Henricus Johannis Tornström.
Born in Tornio in 1640. Yliopp. Turku in 1662, wakes up Used the name Tornaeus. Ph.D. 1665 teol. prof. Enevaldus Svenoniuksen of an opponent. Turku, Finland was still 9 / 5 1666 Reason for leaving the University Senate Condemned the T's salavuoteudesta 40 silver marks to a fine "och med 10 daler Silfver Loser sig från Relegation. More Over, the quanties with 23 / 5 Thurs one of Graham's daughter Lisbeth lapsenruokkona pay 30 talaria. Enrolled at Uppsala University Students' Association 30/10 west base in 1667. Charles XI Promised Letter 6 / 5 1673 Thurs appoint T Alatornion Pastor as soon as Possible on the official Ask a question, free, "Because they had to learn and skill, had Acquired opinnoillaan wakes up and on the other an Authorized exercises, and" when they still had Received from God's special gifts and Sermon Superintendent P. Steuchiuksen puoltolauseen ". Appointed 1668 Alatornion second Chaplain, 1681 and on cloudy appensa permanent Vicar of the parish. A post-jo Tornaeuksen they had Performed During the years from 1672 onwards. Was Thurs attendee is appensa Rounalan behalf of snow Feb. assizes. 1681, "when Olof lappalaissyntyistä songs Sirmaa Accused of Defamation, juoppoudesta Others Alatornion at last 30 / 5 1682. Published by: De affectionibus in genere entis etc. praes. P. Aurivillius, Upsala 1670. Spouse: Johannes Alatornion Jonae Tornaeuksen Vicar's daughter, whose name is unknown.

Gabriel Johannis Tuderus.
Born in 1638 Probably Mary parish. Parents: Beach Hill curate, and subsequently Vicar of Chemistry Somerus Johannes Johannis (d. Chemistry, 1672) and Kristina Bylow. Turku Student Union 1651. Onnentoivotusrunon wrote at his brother, later Vicar of Chemistry, Johannes Johannis Tuderuksen Feb. dissertation. 1655. PhD prof. Kempe opponent. Was a lively and soon angry young man, and the Student Union in due course no doubt Wildest 1600s hurjista student. Few of Them were student adventures, WCG was Not Involved in T., so That the Whole student life in 1650-the last half century Seems Thurs concern him. A fighter as early as next season in the Matriculation number of children with the soldiers, the WHO had Taken a couple of His Companions in the city of Turku Arrested. Consequently, T. and a few students were mutch Sentenced Thurs some time to lose the sword. Karsserissa Also held. Publically blamed the daughter Lisbeth Martin 21 / 1 1658 Tuderusta the fact-That they, together with some comrades had For Become a Tavern one night and broke all the windows there, "when the ban is so late To Give Them beer and liquor. By T. Gave it tried kl. 1 night Thurs buy beer and liquor Thurs some extent, but their mutch denied parts of the indictment. Later it Became worse sv, "when they Gave the title ylioppilasmeteliin. After Being mixed with more fights, and katumelskeisiin, T. expelled in 1659 from the University of 3 years for disobedience and Because she had persistently refused "to Pay Fines imposed by the University Senate. Moved Thurs Uppsala and enrolled in the North West province, sv Returned from 3 years to get Thurs Turku, M she Completed a pappistutkintonsa. 1669-75 was a Chaplain in Inari, or Perhaps more correctly, his father's assistant in Lapland, Lapp, the Towards Trying hard to get Them Thurs Convert to Christianity. M.m. Portion of His show is one of the 80-year-old Lapp was Sentenced to Death Because that was a Pagan songs sung and loitsinut, so That'll be the one person the result of supposedly Drowned lohipatoon. When separated from Their own Kemi Lapland, Kuusamo name That church, was ordered T. ITS first Vicar of 21 / 6 1673. They did NOT, however, lived in parish, M there was no Rectory, vain in Tornio, wakes annually went up to Inari. When Applying Thurs 1674 in Writing To Reach the Kemi Lapland, dean, they also Life Style Asked That the Inari in keeping in at his church, "Ehuruwäl EKM förmedels Dhess gifne Breef 21 / 6 1673 till Åbo domkapitel har förordnat migh till kyrkioherde öffwer tip Lappmark Kemi, ingen by undantagandes, som venerandi Consistorij sedermera giffna fullmakt 3 / 9 1673 så one not have IAG lijkwäl suckan Infor med att EKM beklaga Landzhöfdingen Welb: the H: r Johan Graan, will afskära stängia migh och från byn's best then Ennaree benemd, som aldeeles Ahr omistandes från min försambling, they will at såleedes hafwa dijt een serdeeles Pastor, som af inthet Ahr nöden ". Asked Thurs keep in Inari, "dhe medan andra byarna Understand att ringa underhålla Pastorem sin". Older documents, T. Sompio known as Vicar, and they lived Probably in the winter and summer Sompio Kitka lake in Kuusamo, M, however, until at his successor, Henrik Cajanuksen was built During the Sermon the priest room and apartment. Complaints about T's severity was "when they mm refused" to share Communion before the Lapps had Promised Thurs abandon the old, pagan Expenditure. T 1675 still complained of more Took tithing, Traveled only once a year in Lapland, accompanied by at his wife, had Thurs carry a Passenger by the Lapps, and beaten old men and women "slåendes Rijss och med dem i Rijsskafftet hufwudet, sa att bloden Rijnner ". As a result, was KM's order Thurs study hard the trans action. The Purpose was to find out Whether in spite of her nuhteesta keep in office, or Whether it was Entirely Separate. The Latter option Does not Need to take. Appealed Thurs the shortage of office in 1680, Explaining That They owe a debt to a large citizenry. Asked senvuoksi disposal Maunulan desert state, "hwarest iagh medh min ålderstegna hustro kunde Luta Mitt huffwudh under, När iagh not have one reesa opp och neer emellan lappmarcken landzbygden och och utan någon dhet frijt affgifft til cronan Mijn och Mijn Hustros lijffstidh possidera". This was Granted. Alatornion and was appointed to Vicar of the city of Tornio 26 / 6 1682. Parishioners, however, Asked the 20 / 5 1683, Their 20 / 7 1682 choice, the North West rykm. eskadronapappi Nicolaus Tornería (Originally Tornerus, Probably in the name of ending the local community) INSTEAD of Tuderuksen appointed to office, as Tuderus belonged to the Diocese of Turku. Appeal hyljättiin. T. Indefatigable diligence spread Christianity, to learn and most of His persecuted and Destroyed the Lapps hmmmm drums, and mutch magical weapons, putting at risk Many killed here often. Even Told how they ™ for a large number of so-called "Spurs" to one of the island and burned Kuusamo Them there. Charles XI at Tornio kirkontapulista watching the midnight sun, T had the next day 15 / 6 1694 as non-graduates Preach the king of the town church. It, however, they failed Because girls on priest had really Received ITS mission, Even though one of the king of a hostile person at his name in the Told T Thurs Provida worship. It is still there, a letter T. ask pardon from the king of this result. T occurred During the famine years of 1696-97, "when the Troops here, people at last of starvation. Hernösandin domkapitlet Condemned the T's Removal from office 18 / 2 1703, as they had at one time and then Twice announcement vihkinyt Tornio school master Jöns and Björn's widow, Helena Nyman Nyman pesänositus the before the children had Been Provided. T. complained Thurs KM, wakes up is 12/12 in 1703, annulled the Decision, a plan Thurs Grant, the University Senate Have Been Leveraging Thurs take such "action. T. was one of few hmmmm Ken sepittivät Finnish Poems and practiced this language. In His time, was built in 1684-86 in Tornio. Present The church in the city. Spouses T. is Published by the paintings of the church kuoriholviin. The roof is the result of yet available on the following text: "Gudi til Ara och hans til Huus prydnat haffuer This affmålning förährat kyrkoherden wördade wällärde och Herr Gabriel Tuderus medh sin k. hustro friborne och dygdesamme matrona H. Brita Oloffsdotter. Septemb Datum den 16, 1688. " Pulpit, whose cost rose Thurs talariin 1100, was Funded from the funds of the church, the vain painting donated by the Reverend Tuderus, Anders Andersson, merchant and Alderman Brasen widow of Hans v. 1702 a total of 72 talaria. Died in the Parsonage 18 / 4 1705 and is likely to Be Buried at a church in the city of Tornio below. Published by: "Weisu peasants in Honor of" imprinted "Helmivyö" Compendium, 1866. - "En skön och Lustig Wijsa Bondeståndet och om thes Embete sampt andre Huus syslor mödesamme och arbete. Tr. Åhr 1685" (anonymous) - "-Song Klage öfwer Thet bedröfweliga tilstånd, then hwarmed Alsmächtige Gudh af sin guddomelige försyn och outransakeliga Rådz besluut Waart ripple fädernesland Sweriges rijke förmedelst HKM Kon. Elloftes oförmodelige Carl saliga doch den död - "stält af Gabriele Tudero. Stockholm in 1698. - "-Song Glädie öfwer den härliga Seger, hwar medh den allzmäehtige Gudh hafwer behagat wälsigna Kongl. Maijtz af Swerige rättmätige wapn -" En kort om underrättelse the Österbottniska laptops, som under Kemi Gebiet Lyda. "-" En kort the story genom hwad tillfälle Sodankylä, Sompio, Kuolajärfwi, Friction och i land back Lappars Kiemi Lappmark, Afgudadyrkan, Vidskepelse och skrythetaktiga Gudstjenst hwaruti och består den, är Vorden uppenbar, och de Aro huru sedermera omwända vordne til Gud. "Published 1773 S. Loenbom. -" Twå stories om Lapparnes omwändelse ifrån och deras fordna vidskeppelser afguderi, "Printed in Stockholm in 1773 (72 pages). It contains funny stories and Tuderuksen von West Not käännyttämistoiminnasta 1670-around. Tuderuksesta of Itself, opponents of the poem sepittivät wakes up in a couple of Verses included, for example Tuderus brings the Lord's priest, wakes vihas Manure and Lapland. Spouse: Brita St. Olaf Daughter Forsell, P. Råneå, Sweden, 12 / 9 1662, d. Sunderbyn , Ala-Luleå, 13 / 3 1747, Buried in the tomb Chaplain Eric Höjerin Ala-Luleå creates the church Pulpit. children.

Henricus Henrici Forbus.
Born in Oulu in 1674. Parents: Oulu, merchant and mayor of Henricus Caspari Forbus (haud. Oulu 13 / 3 1681) and Margareta Litbovia. Matriculation in Turku in 1687. Respondentti 1692. Carried out a spelling progradu 27/10 1694, is dedicated Thurs wakes up at his brother, then Oulu trivialikoulun konrehtorille Laurentius Forbukselle, prof. David Lundin esimiehyydellä "Om rätta beskaffenheten vedergällningsrätt af den, som i omtalas 2 Mose Bok cap 21: 22 v". Protocol refers to the Senate of 31 / 8 1694 Tavern Brawl. Master 25/11 s.v. defended by Writing "Om ostracismen". Volumes with 1698 amiraaliteetin Preacher Karlskrona, Sweden, the Finnish-born Henricus Florinus on, but their later reached a permanent post Because they Seems To Have Been a member of the Senate of 1704, was often wakes Divided. First of all, they was Accused of too little confidence in the Superintendent, "when monetize ProMinent case they had the Turku Asked domkapitlets view. story was apparently stuff. Appointment on the 1706 Alatornion Vicar, they had Thurs spring off a Sermon in Karlskrona. Amiraliteettikollegio announced this Sermon contained a number of scandalous Statements, and therefor F. 4 / 4 was called the konsistoriet concept, Thursday show the Sermon. Forbuksella was the equivalent of pre-Written. Consistory Not noticed anything in the Bible, contrary to, 'but Could not accept, however, monetize objections, wakes appeared Thurs infringe the church, "when they spoke more than just Thurs vexation to enter the virkaylennyksestään thank god." Were Challenged Thurs re-interrogation of Writing 18 / 4, and Banned from Leaving the city. Sacristan was sent Forbuksen apartment the previous day, but their "when this was not at home, was a challenge to a woman. The meeting was Informed During the Consistory of F jo ehtineen travel to a new church. Was appointed to dean in 1713. Also Forbus was a businessman. Business in Stockholm, they went-up. Owned share Kengis (Kengis) copper factory. In this capacity, they also Life Style inaugurated in 1725 with local iron works of the new church. Great at During Reverend Hate Forbus ™ for talonpoikaisjoukkoja, Under wakes up at his leadership, hard on the Russians once more. Enemies plundered m.m. Alatornion church and then Took the most time. Degenerated into a church at this time to the extent That Palm Sunday 1719 part of the wall collapsed During the worship Pastor bench case. Forbus repaired at own expense, and ITS. Forbuskin looks like it'd Have Been for some time on the run, as the church books were Not Considered in 1714-16. Giant 1725 asianomasella permission of the Vicar of at his office-in-law side, the rector of Fougtille, Provided, however, That Should Not Be Considered rovastintoimensa. Was Representative of the Diocese Hernösandin Reichstag 1726-27. James applied for the post of Vicar 7 / 3 Erik at last in 1729 on Fantin and Give priority "Because" wisat särdeles nyttig flitt waksamhet och så att han igenom och Guds nådiga bistånd uti liuset Bracht lapparnes grufweliga afguderijer ". Ostrobothnia governor appealed to the election effort, Because F. "synes hafwa öfwergifwit sin Parish, willjande tränga sig nu i hit the county, andre meriterade Prästmän till praejudice, den der allenast erhållit Jacobstadh, men eij Församblings roster, som är en General in bekant Mycket trätosam Prästman, hwilken månge oroligheter Wahl så med sin egen Försambling som i andre åtskilliga Landzhöfdingars Tider i Wästerbottn åstadkommit - ". Hernösandin University Senate arrived 30 / 6 1730 KM of the letter, wakes Asked Thurs indicate why F. had left the parish activities on and, despite Did they keep rovastinvirkaansa. Consistory Answered 20 / 7 sv That Does not it depend a high ijästä mutch or infirmity, but their had Been the main cause of disagreement with F's at his parishioners. Besides F. had found relief for Themselves, if the son-in-law Thurs facilitate the post. "wise, what will rovastintoimeen, so they Himself Arrested, handing the Vicar of at his office and they must also Life Style Produce post on a great diligence, and carefully handled, albeit on a low wage and Compensation." F. says Himself it attaches to the city of Tornio and rovastinvirkaa pitäjäin Both Churches and hmmmm belonging Lapeissa Thurs. Hernösandin Senate and Tornio Magistrate Gave puoltolauseensa "when applied Liminka F. 1730. "Till Christendomens inrättande hos Lapparne mycken moda och lifsfara utstått, så nu med att kunna the vördnad fägna sig af Ewangelii candles." Limingan Vicar was appointed to in 1731. Parishioners, the Vicar of liking Kalajoen Erik Falander office for nomination, expressed dissatisfaction, while KM Complaints Filed in 1732 Thurs take into account. Forbus was interested in German language I Learned a witch. Therefor, they had a full year of 1707-08 with him a German theology student Johann Gerhard Scheller, Ken had visited in the spring of 1707 in Tornio, on the way back to Stockholm and made a Parson's acquaintance. F. prompted him Thurs Return to Stockholm, back to Tornio. This is a trip to Give Scheller Forbuksesta following Criticism: "Er discurirte gerne, fragte nach der Landes-Art, then in Teutschland Gebräuchen und, er. Grosse Lust hatte zu der Sprache teutschen, bat mich, ich ihm dazu solte beförderlich Seyn". Forbus Liminka paralysis of at last 13 / 2 1737. Published: To follow Aντιπεπονυος talionis indoles, praes. D. Lund. Aboae 1694. - Wälsingnelse eller tro-innerlig önskan till ett och lycksaligt frögdefullt nyttåhr, predikan i Amiralitetskyrkan i Carlscrona nyårsdagen 1702. Stockholm 1705. -Sen connection is Printed: Glädie ljud-och med skyldigast vördnad tacksäjelse öfwer Kongl. Maijtz af Swerige Good luck Stora och som victorier the härlige then himelske konungen Hans Maj: t och vid Poultousk äröfringen af the city of Torn välsingnat medh. Predikan hållen tacksägelsedagen på år 1703 i den 12 febr Kongl. Amiralitetzkyrkian Ulrica Pia uthi Finska predican sedermera på och efter swänska anmodan gifwit af HF Also Forbuksen transcripts Lapps idolatry is a prof. Reuterskiöld Uppsala released.

Abraham Fougt.
Hernösandissa born in 1684. Parents: Johan gold smith Fougt ie Vougt Råneå Vicar's daughter and Catharina Råckstadia. Attended high school Hernösandin. Uppsala Student Union 21 / 9 1703. F. In time, the Student Union was a teacher in the home of Pastor John Telinilla Häverössä. Defended at his pro exercitio 1709. Moved Thurs Lund University in 1712, then vain Returned Thurs Uppsala, defended wakes up at his Master's in 1714 and consecrated a Master 12 / 6 1716. Tornio was appointed to rector of the school's 21 / 5 1718. Asked to Be ordained a priest before moving, is what wakes Happened Hernösandissa 14 / 6 sv Forbus "when the Congregation at the beginning of the consent of the year 1724 the Vicar of at his office wanted Thurs dispose of Fougtille (side-in-law), the University Senate was very cold, since it was Thurs Redundant transfer, Especially "when Fougtilla had no Reason to complain That they IGNORED Ask a question, or that'd live in cramped conditions on. However, was KM's discretion Whether the request nonetheless be Granted, Provided That Fougt learn Finnish, "wakes up Tornio Necessarily required and the condition That Forbus Should Not intrude into on the other to the detriment of for months post in the Diocese or Fougtin Death to return to the former office wakes up, they have, for months without reason had the Abandoned. " Fougt Alatornion was appointed to Vicar of 15 / 7 1724, vain was also Life Style To Be rehtorinvirassaan toukok. UNTIL 1725. Was Representative of the Diocese in 1731 v. Diet. Appointed s.v. dean. Visit Tornio write Linné 1732 mm "Probst mag. Fougt Abraham, en hiertans god, och Wacker from herre, förer stor stat, accomoderade mig med pretieux hwarjehanda viner; halt sig hos mig Baade uti-och fram á bortresan 3 4 dygn, Ecclesiastes hwar Sunday Baade swenska and English. However, failure Fougtia Considered a Preacher man. Tornio v Came out in 1735 from Northern Finland herrnhutilaisuusliikkeen haven and base through mid 1740 at the next Decade. There arrived in nim. 3 / 6 1735-three German herrnhutilaislähettiä wakes Fougt Not reacted with understanding, even if we though yes, they Might be one of Them, Daniel Schneider, work. The Germans claimed That the Parson's hobbies include Economic please more spiritual things. "Die Cleresey stand in Furcht gegen uns, der sonderlich Probst, und die Leute suchte Heimlich vor uns zu warnen, der Schul-Priester aber, der ein Mann so das Gute liebet, besprach sich oft mit uns vom Reiche Gottes und liebte uns, und so ging unsere Zeit hier vorbey ". Measuring the degree of French expedition members "when the winter 1736-37 in Tornio, Frequently visited the Rectory, despite the fact-That the dean and Other Clergy community reacted Lightly Thurs Their Roman Catholic worship, wakes the guests were Kept only in the apartment behind closed Tornio doors. Preached 26 / 7 1752 Tornio Church Adolf Fredrik's presence. Worship at the end they still had a special speech the king of the church. Alatornion at last at the age of 76 5 / 5 1760. Buried at 1 / 6 to the church. Published by: De Hunnis, praes. F. Tornería, Upsala 1709, De secta Scholasticorum, praes. J. Steuchius, ibid. 1714. Compose a poem of Pastor Eric and Kristina Sjöberg Edinin wedding in 1709. Published Yet in a Finnish dictionary. Spouse: Lövånger, Sweden, 3 / 5 1719 Christina Eurenia Höjer, Umeå merchant Fri Höjerin and Margareta Forsman (Reverend Henry Forbuksen widow), daughter (see above). Children: Henry, p. Lövånger 20 / 2 1720. Vuorikollegion on a secretary, they surrendered to the mechanical industry. Had gone, the rich get married, F. began Thurs Improve Their printing machines, biscuits, a new tool Thurs press notes. Apeltaan Grefingin bought a printer in Stockholm, WCG was Granted the right example all official press releases. His book weight at That time was the best Throughout the kingdom of Sweden. Died in Stockholm is a 1 / 12 1782. Spouse: Elsa Momma Stockholm, 1762, p. 14/12 1744, at last near the town of Mariefred 1826, whose parents were Peter kirjapainaja Momma (p. Hargin house near Nyköping, 21 / 4 1711, is at last in Stockholm 17 / 3 1772 ) and Anna Margareta von Bragner. Widow Mrs. Fougt has Published obituaries. They Took care of her Husband's death the Printing of Success v: coffee in 1811, When It handed Thurs over at his son. John, born in Tornio, 13 / 5 1721, Phil. Master of Uppsala in 1746 and was ordained a priest and assistant at his father's Thurs 25 / 9 1747. Suggested Rykm. Pastor in 1757, withdrew the application vain "when she 8 / 6 sv Tornio was appointed to rector of the school. Was counter to the city With its own school building and apartment. Candidate Received the prize Alatornion Vicar vacancy on her father, but their Not appointed to. Nora at last in the parish Vicar and dean of the Vicarage of 6 / 1 1798, Widows Leaving behind Ken and 10 children had large debts Because of the Lack of. Spouse: The Holy River, Bishop CF Meinander inaugurated by 15 / 1 1760 Hebla MATHES, P. The Holy River 10 / 2 1743, d. Storkullen new house, near Hernösandia 31/12 1803, known as genealogy, the Holy River Parson Fri Niklas Mathesiuksen and Brita Kiemmerin daughter. - Their children were m.m. Petter Fougt Abraham, born in Tornio, 11 / 3 1763, komissionimaaninittari 1785, later sheriff, at last in Umeå in the Vicarage 1820; Fougt Nils, born in Tornio, 5 / 8 1766, Tornio, an accountant, then a town of the turbid city, at last there of lung disease in 25 / 9 1799. Spouse: Ulrika Weissenberg, P. Tornio, 28 / 6 1768, d. there in 1805. Nils Petter, born in Tornio, 15 / 8 1723. Yliopp. Uppsala, 1734, at one time with two older brothers. Known over the name "Slarf-Fougten". Called ruukinpatruunaksi 1757 they lived in Jukkasjarvi, M Anders Hellant Took him toimitusvoudiksi, earning under a safeguards to prevent it at the time of reindeer Among the Raging fever disease. The country moved to the North, M Also, they called the cartridges. Gertrudsöden at last in the parish house of James 8 / 11 1793. Margareta Christina, P. Alatornion 8 / 4 1726 d. there, old age 2 / 6 1797. Spouse: Alatornion Parsonage 4 / 2 1745, Mayor Peter Pipping Tornio, Tornio, p. 1694, at last there at age 72 3 / 5 in 1766, his second aviossaan. Pipping Previously had married in Tornio, 15/12 1718 by Jonas Tornaeuksen Chaplain. (D. 1715) widow Margareta with Plantinga (born in 1692 and at last in Tornio, 30 / 4 1740), Anders Torne Councillor man Eerikintyttären Plantinga and Gertrud (b. 1664, d. Tornio, 11 / 1 1732) daughter (p. 68 ). Marriage the second had 15 children, m.m. Johan, born in Tornio, 9 / 12 in 1747 and at last of old age there, 16 / 6 1820, merchant and Alderman in Tornio. Spouse: Tornio, 11 / 1 1774 St. Olaf Daughter Hjulberg Margareta (b. 1753, d. 1792 in Tornio, 21/10). - Fredrika, Born in Tornio, 9 / 12 1758. There Spouse: 6 / 3 1773 provincial physician Johan Grysselius, (tel Gellerstan parish in Sweden 1738, at last in Tornio paralysis 8 / 4 1788). - Hedvig, born in Tornio, 6 / 5 1763, d. there 8 / 11 1835. Spouse: Tornio, 16 / 1 1785 Henrik Kröger merchant over there (at last there at Age 69 of lung disease, 14/11 1819). Abraham, P. Alatornion 11 / 7 1728. Yliopp. Uppsala 1736. Merchant Tornio. Owned a Sawmill Övertorneå. Sai kings. hovikamreerin title. Died in Stockholm is 2 / 9 1798. Wife, Catharina Christina Strickert (d. age 60 Tornio "af hetsig feber" 27/11 1800). Magdalena Jacobina, p. Alatornion 4 / 3 1736, Vaasa, Finland d. 17 / 4 1812. Spouse: Tornio, 11 / 8 meter and the 1761 polttimontarkastaja Vaasa, Deputy Mayor, Nils Ekholm, Sweden, born 1730, at last in Vaasa, Finland 22 / 1 1778, at his second aviossaan. Ekholm was first married Maria Kristina Thurs Lauræuksen with (k. Vasa 15/12 1760). Their children had m.m. Tornio mayor Nils Ekholm Gabriel (born in Vaasa, Finland 20 / 8 1759, d. Tornio stroke 21 / 7 1809). His wife was: 1) Margareta Elisabet Keckman, (b. 10/12 1757, d. Ii, 29 / 6 1787), were jonka.vahemmat Siikajoki Vicar, the Reverend Christian Henry County Keckman (d. 10 / 6, 1784) and Margareta Elisabet Cajanus and 2) in Tornio, 30 / 3 1793 Rechardt Cecilia (born in Tornio, 2 / 6 1768, d. Alakainuussa 31 / 5 1839), Tornio Rechardt merchant Samuel (born in Tornio, 28 / 7 1744, d . there 20 / 4 1816) and I's wife, Brita Tolpon (b. 1750, d. Tornio, 6 / 3 1776) daughter.

Ericus Erici Brunnius.
Born Alatornion 1 / 10 1706. Parents: Alatornion 2's Chaplain, and subsequently Vicar Ylitornion Ericus Olai Brunnius (d. 16 / 1 1741) and Barbara Björn (born 1618 1677, d. 25 / 3 1738). Hernösandin Matriculation from high school 22 / 2 1722. Was inaugurated in 1731 in Uppsala Phil. MA 12 / 6 sv Gustavia kind of bigger auditorium defended dissertation. Ordained priest has 3 / 7 s.v. While at his father was blind and they Took care of the old posts and lived with family at his in the Vicarage Ylitornion. Was appointed to Thurs at his father's death Ylitornion Vicar of 1741. Outhier says B's in such "a Preacher man, That Övertorneå parishioners wept During worship in the church. B. Also helped the French rate During the measurement in every way, Giving Them good advice. From These Strangers, with B. spoke Latin. Followed by a Superintendent at his Körnigia Inspection trip in 1751 UNTIL at Kautokeino. 1757 was a Candidate element in the post of Vicar of Luleå. Representative of the Diocese in 1751 and 1760 in the parliament. Alatornion was appointed to Vicar of 9 / 3 1762 Took office is 1 / 5 sv Action Also kontrahtirovastina. He was a Prominent priest and expert in the Finnish language. Has Forged a number of new Finnish words. Wisely and carefully, they looked at the time the neonate Övertorneå sentimentality-Religious Movement, by Virtue of Forwarded she wakes Ylitornion church 23 / 6 1777 interrogation. Alatornio this was a good Income EACH parish. Mere lohikymmenykset rose Normally 100 a barrel. However, They began Thurs v: Thurs Decline from 1768 to 30 barrels a year. When the memorial stone Kjörsbäckin (Karasjok) bridge in the village of Nikkalan 6 / 7 was Unveiled in 1771, B. Gave a speech in wakes, they praised the merits of Gustav III. Died of old age Alatornion Parsonage 25/10 1783. Published by: "Dissertation de gradualis number Senatorum Romanorum, praes. Tornería F., Upsala 1727. -" Dissertation gradualis de Urbe Torna eiqve adjacentibus paroeciis "praes. Alstrin E., ibid. 1731 (50 pages) [70]. -" Bröllopsverser af brudgummens Egen Bror "Upsala, 1731. (Olof Brunniuksen Margareta and Luleå Kråkan wedding, 9 / 3 1731). Brunnius Hülphersin has gone through the script and made a series of increases, Especially in Lower and what Ylitornion pitäjäselostuksiin was random. Spouses: 9 / 7 1732 Eva Wréd, Stockholm, p. 27 / 3 1707, d. Alatornion cancer 27 / 3 1772, kauppalaivuri Wrédin Matthias and Maria Björk's daughter. Children: Eric, p. 4 / 2 1742, yliopp. Tornio school, Phil . Master Uppsala, extraordinary Preacher Itägötanmaan Duke Fredrik Adolf court. kontrahti Pastor James dean in 1786 and 1796. Pietarsaari, at last 22 / 2 1812. Spouse: 1) Call Elisabeth Meyer, 2) 10 / 6 1788 Katarina Magdalena Pauli, born 1764, moved Thurs Stockholm in 1814 and at last in the village of Gullane Överkorstan farm, near Umeå 22 / 1 1837. Their children had a mm) Erik Axel Brunnius, Pietarsaari, p. 6 / 9, 1793, Secretary of the Stockholm protocol, wakes moved in 1813 and at last there, 11 / 3 1853. Spouse: 25 / 6 1817 Marbeckissä Fredrika Roos, (s 16 / 2 1800, at last in Stockholm is 12 / 5 1871), Kokkola jury's Anders Roos and Maria Elizabeth Rahmin daughter, and b ) Carl Theodor Brunnius, p. 1 / 7 1798 Småland Tarragona cornet, Cavalry officer, Took over the value of the Difference in 1826, at last in 1851 in Kokkola, Finland 23/12. Spouse: Vermdön Mensätrassa 29/11 1823 Julia Riska ( p. 8 / 7 1809, d. Kokkola 9 / 10, 1887), Kokkola merchant Johan Riska and Katarina Kristina Roos daughter. Eva, born 1747, d. Johannes Berg's house in Sweden Alatornion 1 / 3 1824. Spouse: Tornio, 3 / 12 1767 lieutenant, finally, Major Johan Henrik Turdfjaell (at last at age 70 Alatornion "av håll & stygn" 9 / 10, 1800). For Their children include Jacob was Erik Turdfjaell, Tornio, p. 16 / 4 1779. Yliopp . Uppsala school in Tornio, 1793, a fortress kamarikirjuri body and finally the Swedish municipality ylitirehtööri engineer, is at last in Stockholm 12 / 3 1851. Founded the school in Haparanda probate scholarship fund. Daughter Barbara (Barbro) Turdfjaell (d. Tornio lung disease at the age of 38 14 / 3 1810) was married to: a) Tornio, 2 / 11 1790 Tornio Jonas Kollbergin with the pharmacist (d. Tornio jaundice at the age of 40 21 / 3 1802) and b) Tornio 6 / 1 , 1805 Lieutenant, then Captain Josef Teodor Hoffstedtille, the WCG was first aviossaan wife Anna Kristina af Donner (d. Alatornion "af rötfeber" at the age of 24 2 / 8 1802), Colonel Blasius af Donner (d. Alatornion stroke at the age of 75 and 27 / 7 1806) and daughter Kristina Sylvi [72].

Gustaf Wilhelm Rydman.
Born in Vaasa, Finland 10/11 1755. Parents: Vaasa, Trade and Alderman Otto Fredrik Rydman (b. 1724, d. 1795 in Vaasa, Finland 20/12) and Maria Elizabeth Krook (born 1718, at last in Vaasa, Finland 5 / 12 1792) is at his second aviossaan. Vasa Became triviaalikoulua 1767-73. Matriculation in Turku, Finland 26 / 1 1774. Respondens 16/12 1775 Porthan esimiehyydellä. Wrote a Master's 3 / 4 1778. Philippians MA 30 / 6 s.v. After Completing degree in 21 / 2 1781, ordained priest of 4 / 3 fi Appointed before 25 / 1 Charles Duke of court Preacher, the office Received 7 / 9 1784 Vicar Alatornion transfer, credit is Purchased by the returns is appensa 10.000 Plootu. Parson's title in 1785. Volumes with 16 / 3 s.v. Northern kontrahdin kontrahtirovastiksi, forwarding Checks in 1789 and 1796. Finnish Economic Society member, looking forward to farming activities on Thurs raise the Bay-North. Rydman Stern was once the farmers Notable Nordic, Ken first began draining the countries and pursue a Thurs Larger scale Cultivation of rye. Bought 17/10 1791 Heikki Olavi Boy Jacklin riikint 222 1 / 4 mant. Karsikon houses, No. 6 Ylivojakkalan village. S. Liljeblad tells press untouched matkakertomuksessaan 1788: "We went Thurs greet the dean Rydman 21 / 7 for at his beautiful Parsonage, M soudimme Catching salmon in the river for a large dam built through it. Parson Took us the wholesale way against the cold courtesy ". R Patients did Not Appear To Have Been, like mutch North stern of the church then herroilla, no science pursuits, as Acerbi, Clarke and Sköldebrand tavanneensakaan Some do not mention him. Was Involved in the Jubilee celebration in 1793 in Uppsala, M Gave them a complete Explanation of Lapland church backgrounds. R: During the 1797's expanded Alatornion church runs a church, so the old church That Came Thurs form the eastern arm of the Present church. Pite R. pappeinkokouksessa 1806 was vice-chair. Owned 2 / 9 part Kristineströmin thin-bladed saw mills, WCG was Estimated at 99.933 nest Writing: 16 Rt. Rydman was a Relatively large library, Mainly Theological and by the Cultivation of literature. Taking the Difference in 1803 kontrahtirovastin office, they are at last at the age of 54 Parasnienien official house 28 / 6 1809. Peruvian manuscript That made a nest of Savings 9967: 3: 6 riikintalaria. Widow Received under a will to live indivisible nest. Published by: Diss. Narration RV Pauli Juusten Episcopia Aboensis de Legatione Love Russica. Pars I; Praes. & Auct. Henr. Gabr. Porthan, Aboae 1775. - Diss. Grad. De officio Oratoris Sacri in Argumentis Inveniendis, Aboae 1778 (20 pages). - Åbo Tidning Brussels 1789 "sedlar inskriptioner i Tornio Lappmark". Spouse: Turku, Finland 1 / 5 1785 Callmeijer Christina Elisabeth, born in 1763 in Turku, Finland; k. Torp house Alatornion 15 / 3, 1844, Turku tulliyli-inspector Johan Ernst Call Meijer and Umeå born Magdalena Nordberg (d. Alatornion lung disease at age 65 15/11 in 1796) daughter. Children: Gustaf Ernst, P. Alatornion 3 / 2 1786. Yliopp. Turku, 16 / 3 1805, surveyor, and finally a farmer, owning and Torp Refer houses, at last unmarried Alatornion paralysis 8 / 3 1833. Liana Took Tuticorin, p. 26 / 6 1787, d. Alatornion whooping 24 / 7 sv

Travel across the North

Between 1736-37 the French Royal Academy of Sciences sent a five-man expedition spent 14 months in Tornio and the Tornio River valley. The group had to Be authenticated by Newtonian world view. The expedition led by the mathematician and astronomer Pierre-Louis Moreau de Maupertuis. Other group members were mathematicians and astronomers. In Addition, en route was a Catholic priest, Reginald Outhier, Ken had a diary and on the Basis of wakes up, they later wrote the 1744 book "Journey across the bottom." Finnish book translated about two hundred years later, Marja Itkonen-Kaila and it appeared in 1975. French priest describes the early life of words and pictures. Lasted for more than a year of residence life, says in all seasons and gives a good idea of what life has Been.
Began Thurs travel from Paris Thurs 20/4/1736 Drawn horse carriage, WCG was made a week trip. May 2 is the left Prudente called the Dunkirk ship Towards Stockholm. In addition "the group was on board mm. Celsius. Arrived in Stockholm 21.5. The Journey Continued UNTIL was 8.6. Chariot and horse Celsius was with a group. Haparanda travelers arrived 20/6/1736. Group leader de Maupertuis had come on board in the past couple of days and immediately Become governor Gyllengripin with Aavasaksa (Ava Saxa) top of Studying Whether the Risks in making use of the Findings.
Outhier Tornio: We had jo tion one time, That horses were palailivat Pastures. Perhaps the Remarkable Aspects of this country is a way of life of These animals. Horses Are Not Just Used at times please mutch winter, "when They are harnessed to a Sledge Journey in front of an act or essential supplies such" as wood or Fodder for transportation; kesällähän all tours and transport is by boat. In May, the beginning or end, has Depending how the long winter has lasted, the horses Leaving the master trust as soon as the snows melted and not have migrate Thurs Specific Regions of forest, just as Mutually agreed I should get a meet there Thurs. Horses are linked together into groups That will never Disperse and Some do not interfere with mutch Herds. Each herd chooses laitumekseen Different forest, and They Remain in Their own Territory and Some do not penetrate into mutch countries. The end of the food They are Passed on to the turbid flocks Thurs Pastures new. Their Community is so Precise order and Their Roads Are So regular That the owners always know Where to find at his horse, IF They must be made in the spring or summer of sled Travel, as some times never come back. Also if someone Needs a couple horses, peasants Receive information from the host ran the inn and go into the woods to get at his horse, on Thurs They return Their Duties Their own partners is to Create. When the weather in September will start Thurs deteriorate, the horses come from flocks of forests and return Thurs stable in each. They are small, but their good, but Not virkkuja äksyjä: Thurs host stop the horse, some times the tail grabbing, and is not at all vikuroi. Säyseitä so please They usually are, against some "when rimpuilevat They are apprehended or attempted Thurs Harness in front of the sleigh. Returning from the forest and pulskia They are in good condition, but their Almost uninterrupted work, wakes They are in winter, and food scarcity slimming Them again soon.
Tornio was Outhierin Not That none of the inhabitants, wakes up at least that many'd not have one of the boat, Because in summer and at Other times the river is ice-free just does Not wise please pass for months by boat. It is extremely hard to travel on foot, Because this region is nothing vain Swamp and forest and moss grows so thick That it will not have Their work Thurs survive.
Tornio has apparently visited the most famous Swedish King Karl XI in 1694, "when the church bell, they Observers the midnight sun. Olaus Magnus was jo on the market Tornio 1519. After graduating from the place Received a Master of Olaus Uppsala domkapitlets canon. Also, they served as North anekaupan Norrland region below the agent. Task related Thurs Commissions, Because Rome Effective anekauppaa Needed Thurs cover costs. Olaus was in the spring 1518 horse-back tour the border areas of European, investigation of its Territory and it was also Life Style Norway. The next year they made girls on Inspection tour Torne Valley. These trips Olaus created the Basis for future literary activities on.
Magnus, the brothers moved in 1537 VeniceWhere Olaus Magnus' map was Printed and Published two years later. Map of Latin title CARTA MARINA ET DESCRIPTION SEPTEMTRIONALIVM ERRARVM AC MIRABILIVM RERVM IN EIS CONTENTARVM DILIGENTISSIME ELABORATA ANNO DNI 1539 (In Finnish: Nautical chart and a description of the northern countries as well as hmmmm of the marvelous things with the utmost diligence made the Lord in 1539). Map began to Be Called the first words, investigation of its title, the name of the Carta marina, Even though it IS NOT an actual chart. Olaus Magnus Called Himself at his map the name of Gothia Carta gothic map.
Map for Twelve years-long process During birth Olaus Magnus Territory ™ for much information as POSSIBLE. They had notes on travels of people, life styles, and the draft Conclusions. They had read the available Classical and medieval Written descriptions of the northern countries and peoples and explore maps designed by Their predecessors. He Probably Took advantage of the time charts and sailing guides. They Also Sought information from the other Nordic countries knew oppineilta. The most important of Them was Trondheim Archbishop Erik WalkendorfWhich Olaus Magnus Received the bulk of Norway, Iceland and Green Land on the materials list.
Pohjola Carta Marina was the first time in the history of a recognizable character. Map extends from Iceland and Scotland always White Sea and Baltics up. Map described by the countries and seas is Illustrated by natural and fantastic animals, pictures of Different empires and Regions sodankäyntitaktiikoista, Livelihood, religion and different ways of spending to high heaven. Olaus Magnus wrote in an Annex to the map Italian and German selityskirjaset. Carta marina Became the main map Showing the Nordic region a hundred years. Was born in a More detailed description of the 1600s.
Weight map was published for Technical Reasons in Different SCREW magazine. When you return, all nine sets in the right order, there will be EQUAL Thurs noin170x125 cm map sheet. Carta marina was once the world's second largest map. Ensipainoksesta original map has SURVIVED two songs. One of These is Munich The Royal Library and the second Uppsala University library. These original prints are värittämättömiä and only later added Coloring. Second, in 1572 Rome Concluded edition of ten pieces HAVE SURVIVED, WCG is one of Finnish National Library collections.
The map described by Finland, there are plenty of places to Be combined with real names. Coasts are described in much more detail in areas of European inland. Map Is Also a lot of ambiguity, WCG has attracted Researchers. Western Australia is the text: Finlandia-Vel-Finningia Olim Regnum ("Finningia Ancient Kingdom"), wakes up on May Bid Thurs perceptions of Sagas Finnish kings. Currently poorly known Myths describe the countries and peoples Can Be found on the map, Among others Bjarmia, Birkarls and Kvens.
Lapland connecting Regions of the names are Many. Lapland have entered name is in two places, east and west, and there are "Finnmarchia", ie Finnmark and "Scrithifinnia" WCG is translated as "hihnajalkaisten country." "Hihnalappalaisten" king (rex) is described in the horn playing the attack is at his Troops riding on a reindeer.
Numerous maps Drawn images tell a lot. Finland has Been described, inter alia, District rocks, Some Kind of conglomeration of piles (Thought Thurs holy places) the famous Finnish beer container "kousa 'veneenveistämöitä, animals, hunters, Armies, Battles and guns. Vyborg, close to the described Volcanoes resembling Vyborg bang. In central Finland, with a shepherd at his staff will strike the Snakes, wakes threaten live stock.
Kaskinen Have Been Drawn to join the Coast Became, Perhaps, Casque or kaasa ie the signal Came.
Northern Finland has Been described, inter alia, reindeer sleighs designed by going beyond the frozen Gulf of Bothnia.
Johan Ferdinand Körningh was itägöötanmaalaisen officer's son, Ken was Studying in Turku in the 1640s, while Continuing at his studies in Prague and, turning Thurs. Roman Catholicism. Körningh went a trip to Lapland Commissions Becoming the Baltic States and Finland through 1659 in Tornio, standing in the live Vicar Johannes Tornaeuksen creates. The Pastor and a Catholic priest Held a secret Philosophical discussions and there was also Life Style the balls. Autumn year They way that I made Twelve o'clock-day trip up the river, in fact-occurred, so Momma That Reenstiernan-brothers & His assistants were WTG leave the copper and rautakaivoksilleen. After Kengis across the river began Thurs freeze. While waiting for the ice melting, they was Followed by the hammer of the French Department Ken Worked. There After, they Continued Thurs copper mines in Svappavaara.
In 1663, Danzig Came via Stockholm Tornedalen Italian Francesco Negri. In 1732, visited the Torne Valley Carl Linneus, better known as Carl von Linné, the name of a famous scientist and writer.
Die Wissenschaftsakademie hatte den Auftrag erteilt Linné, dass nördliche Lappland, die eigentümliche Lebensweise der Einwohner und ihre Gesundheit zu untersuchen. Während des Sommers besuchten 1799 ausländische zwei Gäste das Tornetal. Der Italiener Giuseppe Acerbi und der Englander Edward D. Clarke, beide haben über die Reiseschilderungen Forschungsreisen ins Tornetal verfasst. In Acerbis Gesellschaft der reiste schwedische Offizier AF Skjöldebrand, am ehesten bekannt durch seine Bildwerke, Landschaftsbilder des Tornetals.
Tornaeus, Johannes (K 1681)
Tornio minister, Sami teacher
Johannes Tornaeus studied in Uppsala and then spent years traveling monetize oriental. Subsequently, they was appointed to Vicar of the Torne. Also His Responsibilities included the teaching of the Sámi. To this end, they translated a Swedish church in the Sami language of the manual. Tornaeus Also wrote a Comprehensive description of the Tornio and Kemi Lapland.

Alatornio today and the well-known persons alatorniolaisia

Today Alatornio is a well-known name of Rolling-based sporting club Alatornion Pirkat and Alatornion church's name.
Known alatorniolaisia not have included:
Johannes Granö, Vicar, siirtolaispappi Siberia
Uuno Hannula, P. 1891 Pudas - d. 1963 in Kemi, a journalist, MP, minister, governor
Limestone country priest, Peter Aapo Herajärvi, P. 1830 Alatornio - d. 1885, village idiot.
Eetu Isto, P. 1865 Alavojakkala - d. 1905, painter
Antti Junes, 1880 P. Kiviranta, d. 1963 Kiviranta, a farmer, local Politician, MP, minister
Heikki Jussila Oskari, P. 1888 Leppävirta, d. Alatornio 1955, the Vicar, the Reverend county, MP
Niilo Koivurova, kunnankirjuri, long-term mayor
Niilo Liakka, P. 1864 - d. 1945 in Helsinki, a man's civilization, a folk high school director, MP, minister
Reino Mähönen, folk long-term leader
Niilo Nilsson Oravainen, P. - d. 1597 Alavojakkala, Lapinvouti
Arvid Oukka, p. 1898 Kanto Lake - d. 1981, journalist
Tuomas Oukka, Kanto Lake, 1800 - 1900s and the turn of a farmer, local One ', co-operative man
Karl Johan Peräntie, Ylivojakkala, late 1800's Municipal Politician, Diet Reichstag man
Esko Rahkonen, P. 1936, River Village, singer
Johan Tuompo, Folk Director
Pirkka-Pekka Petelius b. 1953 Röyttässä, artist.

Already in the early times of settlement began Thurs spread Alatornion controller region, as it is known with Certainty Ken lived here for 800-century Lapps and Kainu kinds. About 1000-first century arrived here pirkka types and Savo, Satakunta And The inhabitants of Karelia. Pirkkiön village, WCG was first settled habitation and a name it has Received pirkkalaisilta. Alatornion lived pirkkalaisaikaan pirkkalaissukua 19 Fishing was one of the primary industries. Salmon Asked Alatornion the case of five lohipadolla. History has Not Been invented in 1677 flood, "when the river Became pääuoma Suensaaren Other Side of the dam and salmon on it Became obsolete peduncle apajilla. Salmon are less now, it is vain the Municipal coat of arms. During the years 1808-09 the Finnish war v.1808 November ns. Olkijoen Agreement. The Swedish army was behind the retreat Kaakamojoen. Military intervention in mm was placed. Kukkola Alatornion mutch and villages. Ankara disease killed Hundreds of soldiers. Three-month period Fell ill in Almost 6000 soldiers, of whom Nearly one-in-three at last. The country is Buried in the post most of the dead. 1854-56 Crimean War (Crimean War) During the British and French fleets destroy the coast of Finland, also Life Style Röyttä.

Alatornio jo mentioned in the chapel in 1345 and Became Vicar municipality 1477. Alatornion gray stone church was built in the 1400s, a 1780-century was the expansion and in Need of repair. Stockholm-over indententin Office Thurs Prepare the first drawings, wakes were dissatisfied with the parishioners. Decades later, a new plan to build Thurs authors and the era was Perhaps the most famous Finnish church builder Jacob Rijf. The medieval stone church in a Frame on the east sakaralle, sakarat others are new. Also Vestry is medieval. Extension work was 1794-1797. (Aarne Heimala)

Niilo Koivurova

Pertti Vuennon book "Raumon flows along the" Raumojärven the rear of the Fabrics was born in the mid-1700 on a twenty four years in new space, WCG was annexed to the village Alaraumon. Well Koivurova space. 70 is born of These (Perch Lake, Ylitalo, Time House and Koivurova) Premises shall be the last, however, the turbid Ylitalo year as 1767. Bought a farm inherited in 1851 Juho Heikki Koivurova Boy, whose daughter Maria who married Fredrika Pekka Hannu Boy Kolfin youngest son Augustin (born 1842) with. Vicar Erkki Koivurova Studies Suggest That the current Koivurova ancestor is ruotusotamies Kålf Niilo (Nils Colf), Ken was born in 1685. Vuennon Studies Confirm this. Kolf Hannu Niilo son (born 1726) was a soldier Alavojakkalan Well down the line. 70, was Wounded in the war in Pomerania in 1759 and got off the ground. Also, his son was a soldier and was placed in Shingle types fall into line No.. 148 Berg. They at last in a Military expedition in 1784.

Niilo Koivurova grandfathers

Nils Kolf p. 1685
Wife Brita Michesdotter p. 1689
child born in 1726 Hans Nilsson

Hans Nilsson Kolf born in 1726 and at last in 1789 at the age of 63 years
Malin's wife Jacobsdotter p. 1749
child Peter (Pehr), p. 1790

Pehr Hansson Kolf p. 1790
-1. wife Caisa Ericsdotter Huhta
-2. wife Maria Caisa Mattsdotter
child born August 1842

August Pehrinpoika Kolf born in 1842 (later Koivurova)
wife Maria Fredrika Koivurova p. 1845
Frans Oskar child born 1870

Frans Oskar Koivurova p. 1870
-1. Elmiina wife Karoliina P. 1868
Niilo child born 1908

1695 ruotuihin peasants, ruotu Colf. Erkki Koivurova says.
1699 War in the North in Sweden, Denmark, 1700, 1709 Germany Bultavan battle, half Fell, half of Siberia and St. Petersburg Thurs build. PEACE in 1721. (Alavojakkalan ruotu 70). August Koivurova (formerly Kolf) built the main building and the stone barn is Completed 14/6/1806. All the buildings burned down in 1972.
They then built the main building and a large stone barn, the stones are trimmed Liakan Tooth Lake rock terrain. The stones were transported horses across the forest Koivurova Replace. According Muistiedon (Aukusti / Erkki) Have Been 16 horses, all horses Augustin. The barn and manually hold 24 cows. August Kolf Nikkari moved house Thurs house Alaraumolta Koivurova vävyksi.
Niilo Koivurova Elmiina mother (née Saarela p. 1868) Niilo at last "when 2 years old. Older sisters care Niilosta childhood. And very Caring. Niilo was, of course, the first primary school Pirkkiössä. Upper Elementary School Leaving Certificate, Niilo 20/5/1921 and was then was 13-Niilo vuotias.Nuorukaisena was Involved in the club Pirkkiön Temperance drama club. But first and Foremost in mind Niilo lausujana Poems. Interests Received good follow-up processing, "when reached Niilo Peräpohjolan People's Institute, M, they studied native language, historical and Social Science Subjects, luonnontiedollisia and Agricultural materials, censuses and Measuring learning, crafts and drawing vv. 1925-26 College of girls on Niilo conducted at During the school year for information and Practice in carving lesson period, wakes included educational learning and teaching Crafting Doctrine, industrial drawing, Crafting a theory, wood carving (turning, Coloring, painting, paper and cardboard Work , and metal work) and the Practical opettamistaito. Teacher brought on Jalmari Puoskari. Niilo Pirkkiön got a primary school veistonohjaajan action immediately on the college, wakes handled the trans-action for one semester 1926-27. Edvard Magnat and Wilho Kulju made laudable lasunnot Niilo Diligence and Conscience. The future was important That the youngster was jo started in Oulu in 1864 and studied at the trade school in 1928-30 causing the anti certificate 28.5.1930.

After the age of 22 have entered 9/9/1930 Niilo still in the launch of the independent Republic of Finland for active Military service Käkisalmeen swearing an Oath of 3/10/1930. Military Pass Thurs Shows That the Niilo had belonged before the Army about five years Alatornion Guard. Further Military passport indicated they had konekiväärikomppaniaan Provided the service. Young man's weight was a Military passport 62.5 kg, height 176 cm and dark blue eye color. Boot size was 42 Niilo was Promoted corporal Thurs 1.3.31. After going 4.12.1930-28.5.1931 Savo Brigade NCO who was sergeant Promoted Thurs 1.6.31. After working in the NCO group leader Six months who was released from active service täysinpalvelleena finally (Almost 15 months), 5/12/1931. Later, in this context, they attended reserve training sergeant 11.6-5.7.1935 Company. Niilo was Promoted Thurs master sergeant 24/12/1968. Military Pass there are no entries penalties or court-martial convictions. NCO, Major George Huusten'in Niilo was Signed by the review of alternative-three Criticism (good, fair, bad) all the following items "good": punctuality, diligence, attention of capacity, military and Development, and behavior.

Savo Brigade tradition going back Thurs 1620's. Then set up Savon participated Regiment in the 30 Years War. Savon Regiment fought a large base in the war in Livonia and Finland, and was then Established in 1775 the Royal Savo Brigade Brigade first frame. Savo Brigade Turned 225 years in 2000. Royal Savo Brigade was Founded by King Gustav III's behest and the Brigade was to the south-east of Sweden-Finland border security. Royal Savo Brigade Troops Took part in the war with Honor Gustav (1788-1790), as well as the Finnish War (1808-1809) fighting. Continued the Savo Military Traditions of the Soviet period, the Various numerically small forces and recruits from 1880 onwards Finnish Rifle Battalion 6.
Finnish army to the creation of an independent set Isthmus Savo Brigade, whose main site was Käkisalmi. Threat of war Brigade set up a wartime Infantry reservists Ken participated in the two wars we are fighting To Reach ankarimpiin Reputation of Perseverance. The most famous battle sites are Taipale and Kollaa winter of war, and Tyrjä, Siiranmäki Vuosalmi and the Continuation War. The Above-mentioned regiments Savo Brigade tradition of the Brigade are Continuing the war 2 Infantry Division, JR 7 (Tyrjän Regiment), and JR 49 (Saimaa Regiment). JR 7 was placed on the war in Mikkeli. Regi Mental commander of the act of June -44 Battles of the current Infantry General Adolf Ehrnrooth. (Savo Brigade History, Military, Army)
Savo Brigade moved to the history of 31.12.2006.
Savo Brigade tradition Recorded in connection with dismissal. Infantry Attached to the museum is Designed to Savo Brigade's Pavilion, wakes placed a key part of the Brigade-tradition items. The objects are in the Relation lakkauttamisvalmisteluihin reviewed and cataloged, allowing Their targeting. Some of the objects Can Be placed on a war museum. The AIM is also Life Style Thurs write history Savo Brigade, the last stages of post-war period. Writing the history of the Preparations Have Been initiated and the task force has Been Appointed.

For the Third Day of the army on they reached the office assistant Alatornion Municipal service. Worked in the office at That time two officers. 1934 Niilo Held in Helsinki on a rural Union Municipal course, and carried out kunnankirjuritutkinnon, studied the wakes mm. social doctrine of monetary action, accounting, Municipal laws, tax laws, köyhäinhoitolakien, and health laws following compulsory education laws following knowledge. After Completing the diploma they Received a certificate of 10.12.1934 and the Right to Exercise self-designation ML graduate kunnankirjuri. In Recognition of the very good progress Niilo was a rural Soviet Union amounting Thurs DM 300 Reward money. Course leaders were Thurs etevimpiä lecturers mm. general local government and health care law courses were taught caps. kand., LL.M. Urho Kekkonen.

Niilo was Pirkkiön Leg fund manager at Their own work along with vv. 1932-34, as well as work by Alatornion Electricity Ltd's book keeper in vv. 1933-34 and there on Alatornion Savings accountant 1934-37. Since the beginning of the year 1935, they Became the Municipal accountant. In 1934, Niilo applied to the city of Kemi taksoitussihteerin posts. It is Chosen Probably someone more Experienced Candidate Niiloa.
Niilo applied Tervola kunnankirjurin posts in early 1935. Municipal president of the Board ADOPTED a Recommendation to the Opinion, wakes says Niilo's first work of the image and then Niiloa as follows: He has Completed all work under kunnankirjurille, mm. managed accounts, and Worked taksoitussihteerinä köyhäinhoitolautakunnan scribe. He has at his Duties Performed competently very commendable skill and precision. Behavior That action and the outside has Been commendable. Also, their is absolutely fresh, all wakes of pleasure and a Recommendation to the Evidence Given. Some do not know how it Happened. Probably it is gone either way that was selected or Not Niiloa Alatornion municipality Promised him at his own municipality of action. In any event, they Became kunnankirjuri Alatornion 1/1/1937.

Then I went out a decree no. 775.443 A reserve sergeant Niilo Koivurova, Alatornio, Kiviranta, enter the reserve extra service. Relying on the Conscription Act 7 § 2 torque and the Application of Military Law in the Regulation, the Ministry of Defence has told you Thurs call this extra service reserve, and you not have up to 5 hours on you not have Received this Commandment to go the Shortest Route Alatornion, wakes you must report to the Bay of Nordic folk high schools. Military District commander. This command has the way to the station of departure stamps, and Stampede it invalid ticketing III class. Destination Tornio. Note! This Commandment IS NOT disclosed to the conductor. Instruction IS NOT the date "when it was made. Niilo have entered the People's Institute 14/10/1939 likely, a label such "Can be found in a passport Military: 1 KKK/JR27 arrived at the service of Excess. exercises and mobiliza Troops in the boiler.

When Tornio region was the border region, was Organized within the Corps or Military Service vartiokomppanioita age. Alatorniolaiset belonged to the North Bay-area suojeluskuntapiirin 9 Division, whose commander was Hj Siilasvuo Chemistry and compile Infantry Regiment, 27 Regiment of Kemi. Alatornion reservists were men and machine gun Battalions konekiväärikomppaniat Additional ones were Almost Entirely alatorniolaisia. Exercises for keeping JR 27 got to feel the war began, "when the bombing Kittila 30 October. On the first days of November had Kemissäkin air alarms. December 7 of the regiment were loaded on the train and the evening twilight began Thurs travel Towards the city of Oulu. Oulu Converted Directly to the east and Kontiomaki shift cars and Hyrynsalmi Suomussalmi. The situation had jo Been extremely critical Suomussalmi. The Church of the village was burned and disposed of the enemy line of Defense and was Pulled Kiantajärvi the southern side of the neck and the back behind the Pike Ancestry and näittenkin station keeping was strict. Kemiläisrykmentti moved Thurs 11.12. you directly to the cars in the attack. Troops advanced Pike Ancestry and Kuivasjärven Strait Between the murky road. Konekiväärikomppaniat was initially Kuivasjärven area to Protect the regiment Flies out Menyanthes penetrate new divisions in the Council in order to prevent it Thurs the coalescence of Suomussalmi with Soviet Troops. Bulk of the regiment attacked the fire through the village Towards. Over two-week Offensive afflicted the Soviet Union 163 division was increasingly under pressure. December 28 day something unexpected Happened. War Diary: about 5 km long viholliskolonna Hulkonniemestä withdrawing from the ice. January 1 the day the fighting began and the road Menyanthes They lasted for seven days. Road Directorate sulloutunut vihollisdivisioona demerged into multiple moteiksi, wakes are then one by one, were Destroyed. JR was 27 Mainly Pike Ancestry, and Haukila Kuivasjärven region, M the largest Developed motit. Purasjoki spent in rest, the regiment moved on Thurs january 20 on the front Kuhmo, M the fighting began in 27.1. Moving from the realm of war, Especially in maintenance had to Be Hard Hit. Kuhmo JR 27 front office and the main Kälkäisen Sauna Lake terrain. Both in the Kuhmo Offensive Council division demerged into Separate motteihin. In mid-February The regiment was forced Thurs battle The Division Thurs assist The Council forum_thread.php Dolinin ski Brigades Against the leg During The Fighting tiettömillä with turbulence and severe frost Destroyed thoroughly. Kuhmo Battles killed 25 alatorniolaista boxy and a total of 77 in the Winter War alatorniolaista. Winter Could Be tion and felt in Tornio region and beyond foundered and Wounded. The home was constructed in Tornio Force Headquarters under the foreign Volunteer reception center. December 13 arrived in Sweden is the first installment of an attack on the wagon guns. Subsequently, volunteers began Thurs Troops arrive mm. Finnish and Danish-Americans Ken stayed in public college and common school. Were volunteers at the end of the year 1939 more than just 500, jo in mid-january 2000 and the end of February 6500 Swedese Eventually Became a Volunteer Also It was 12,000 mm. More than 300 Hungarians.

Continuation War
Continuation War in June 1941 Alatornion Collected men were again the People's Institute and also Life Style Pirkkiön Kiviranta and schools in the nation. Generated Battalion joined JR Division 6 Under 54 wakes up in the commander was Colonel Pihlajamaa. Area is Assigned Responsibility of the Salla-Kandalaksha direction. Division on the left or Above were German Troops, wakes up with the Finns had to work together. JR 54 was transported by train Kemijärvi Thurs and then on to the direction of Kuusamo and Salla. 6. Division attack began in the early hours of 1/7/1941. Salla was captured together with the Germans. Subsequently, Troops advanced Kuolajärvelle. August 19 day and was attacked Tuntsajoelle in early September. Joelle Win Came in mid-September and a few days on Vermanjoelle. JR 54 was Dissolved and Transferred Thurs Kajaani, part vahemmista younger age groups disbanded and joined JR 33 noon and 1 Division. Role in the war phase, the end of the beginning of June 1944 was 33 JR Povenetsky segment of the northern shore of Lake Onega Maaselän Isthmus. Isthmus front Came Down a major Soviet attack on June 10 Also started on the day the Withdrawal Maaselän Isthmus. Continuation War claimed 187 alatorniolaista capsized.

Lapland War
That Armistice Agreement required the Germans must be removed from Australia. Three were transported by Steamer 3 Division belonged Thurs JR 11 Röyttään 1/10/1944. That is within the municipality began Alatornion lasted eight days fighting against the Germans. Rajuin battle Alavojakkalassa help arrived from the north German SS-country skiing and motorized Brigade Finnland Jaeger Battalions against. Finns were soon vahvituksia Heiskanen General 11 Division, wakes carried out a flanking JR 50 Kiviranta Vojakkala-road stretch of the east motittaen saksalaiskolonnan. Civilian The population was evacuated Thurs Sweden from the war, and Partly to the Assistance of the Germans. Germans killed and more than just 500 days to do an loss of marshes Laws 1200 men.

Niilo Koivurova turnout Battles: Kiantajärvi-Suomussalmen 7.12.-28.12.1939, 1.1.-7.1.1940 Raatteessa, Kuhmo (Discovery of confusion, etc). 21.1.-13.3.1940. 1KKK/JR27 Function 's Company sergeant major. Released 2.5.1940 is.
Reserve extra exercises Niilo attended 16.6.-19.7.1941 about 1 month machine-gun company (1.KKK/JR 54) sergeant major. The company commander (captain signatures May Not be obvious) note Continues: Niilo Koivurova participated Killuntaivaaran Leaf and Fabric Battles.

20/7/1942 Niilo was Ly-order or suspension of mobilization against an indefinite period Thurs carry out Alatornion kunnankirjurin tasks. After a time Became a "mobilization order against 'public address on the mobilization of the Contribution is Published, you will undoubtedly REACH the Commandments of Ly-Kem warrant, despite the Labour Hall. Luutn. 20.7.1942 Aarne Hedberg.

Niilo's Career Service Employees Alatornion All was running again in early 1947. Federal Niilolle rural towns sent the letter in Helsinki 14.2.1947. A. Väänänen a rural union, writes: "I turn to Countenance in the following case: Court Thurs facilitate the work of Northern Ireland Municipalities, is Designed to be generated there a special control circuit, wakes up, I should get read as the province of Lapland, and possibly some of the Municipalities in the province of Oulu Municipalities. This district inspector and district Zapraszamy live only occasionally to visit Helsinki is getting instructions. When something'd be beneficial if there wish you had a man jo Ken knows the conditions on in Northern Ireland, decided me Thurs ask you for months Whether you not have interest in such "an action item. This intelligence is a very preliminary draft quality, since the union government has Not Been yet definitively dealt with the issue of the district. But When We Have to be cloudy in the meeting Where The issue was random up, jo Present miestäkin ko. action if the government takes office with this proposal and if a Suitable person is found, it'd be good if I could get to know soon Whether We can take with you in the Negotiations. Alliance CEO Aarne Eskola 20/3/1947 Niilolle wrote: Referring to the Negotiations in the past Thurs announce That the Government of the Union is 18.3. At the ITS meeting decided Thurs Establish a special district audit of Lapland Province, Lapland, wakes Comes in Addition Thurs the county Municipalities in Oulu Probably read five Municipalities. Auditor of the district government has also Life Style decided Thurs choose you Thurs pay the auditor's Oldest Advantages, Currently 17.500 FIM / month, WCG was random in Addition Thurs 300 mk under 16 yrs Fri child. We hope you take action against the Highest priority. Niilo's answer Thurs 2/4/1947: Viitekirjelmään, referring Thurs Them with Respect to the best thank you for the confidence wakes up the Soviet side is shown Selecting the under Signed kohtaani Lapland audit the district auditor. What, then ko Acceptance was random, I get the following with respectfull Thurs state the following: as soon as this information was obtained Alatornion dissociate myself from the Municipal service, and this is the Basis I'd Be Able Thurs take action against the beginning of June onwards. Dismissal, however, Gave Rise to the corresponding body of the of the municipality as soon as hard object. Municipal Board met and unanimously decided how to express council Increasing Reward for the 3500 DM per month, ie, the monetary reward Ask a question, the following increases will be a total of 20.000 FIM / month. In Addition, Salariés in kind include 2-room and kitchen Including housing, plus the heat and lights. The Board of Governors will a meet this month and is pretty That bereaved by the Municipal board salary Increase goes through. Consequently, "when the Soviet Union's wage is considerably lower please the salary I have Received here, I see to Be Able Thurs take action against, Even though I was Determined Thurs move ko action. Asioitten, therefor, and if The union'd Not be appropriate 'with a very busy, I could really Give a Definitive answer UNTIL the end of this month's council on the meeting. The dismissal is still valid, and yes I could take action against hmmmm 1/6/1947.

The beginning of July 1950, they was Elected Alatornion Including the first Municipal mayor, a post they had UNTIL the end of 1972. Alatornion municipality, the municipality Karungi combined city and city Tornio Tornio since the beginning of 1973.

Alatornion Municipal mayor in 1949 left the posts on the table. The following year, the Municipal government argued That the current Municipal secretary Niilo Koivurova Transferred to the mayor and the secretary's post to Be abolished. Mayor then began Koivurova council of 1/7/1950. Niilo was so Alatornion history only the mayor.

Alatornion 30 years service in the municipality (1961)
The Municipal council Chairman Thomas mm Lassila said. That the act is certainly Not Have Been easy to manage, Because the officer's own son, things not have led Thurs Certain Difficulties. Mayor Koivurova is, however, succeeded in office, and a fair man, who has Been Able Thurs successfully Manage the Municipal affairs. The Board member Kalle Grönholm Koivurova residents handed a gift of gratitude express Thurs. Mayor thanked Koivurova attracted tribute Came, and Said That the heat of the work really IS NOT, on years of work panneeksi note. He was surprised "when the staff Came Thurs greet the flowers. Indeed, it is now celebrates 30 years since a young boy headed home for kulkuni Näätsaaresta pyryisenä ski day in December (8/12/1931) at the town hall. At That time the pressure is Currently in Chapter 30-season shortage of These sites and municipality in the house lived in an atmosphere heavy. Unemployment tion here was very difficult. The municipality has a Relatively small Thurs help hmmmm Opportunity in Difficulty. Reminded of this in mind seeing a Municipal government meeting, WCG was Divided into jobs. Was allotted only a few jobs, "when the waiting was satapäinen group of men. When the list was finished, I had to describe the youngest hanging tielannetta. Of Them SURVIVED the times even if we Became Heavier UNTIL the time of the war years. Awaiting the work has Been tiring, I must Admit That I do Not Planet intend to remain in this area, this has Become a mission in life, wakes up has Been accompanied by a man. Please on the king at his colleagues, and on drinking a cup of coffee with the staff, the Municipal Continued government meeting, wakes thus had Been Suspended Because of a celebration.

Municipal Niilo Koivurova 60-year-old
January 28 days filled the Mayor, Municipal Niilo Koivurova 60 years. Municipal Koivurova social activities on they mentioned That Came to the home of Municipal Alatornion at his secretary in 1931 and Took care of this post UNTIL 1950, was "when they Elected Alatornion then set up the post of mayor. Municipal Koivurova has Worked well in the actual post luottamistehtävissä That Many of merit at his home and the home counties and a rural union. Municipal Koivurova participation in the activities on mentioned in the communes, they That has Been a professional school in the North West of the Federal council member since 1952, the central mental hospital in Oulu Federal District council member since 1953, and the like to the government since the federal Lapin 1956 and Children's Hospital of the Federal Government since 1952. He has also Life Style Worked in Lapland Provincial Soviet Government Deputy member since 1951 and the murky trade union Education and Employment of the Chamber member since 1956, and belonged Thurs Small Industries Lapland of Representatives since 1957. Rural district council of the Federal Association of Municipal Koivurova has belonged since 1953, and since Oy Plancenter-Mkr's the vuodesta1956's delegation of the Province of Lapland. He is in Many Ways supported the work of the Alliance, Especially in northern Finland, in the Municipalities and also Life Style Matters studied the Writings of Rural Municipalities Topical issues.

Except for Municipal Positions Municipal Koivurova has Worked a number of Associations and Institutions governing body. He has Been. Alatornion Karungi-Chairman of the board of the Savings Bank since 1952, in the Finnish Red Cross Alatornion Department Chairman 1950-52, and Peräpohjolan Folk board member since 1956. Municipal Koivurova has participated in two or field trips, the last local men just now that make The Journey of the Soviet Union.
(Maalaiskunta 2 / 1968)

Mayor office is so hard working, That it considers to Be the man Traveled around the round number of days. That it's what was before and is certainly now. Sometimes it Came Thurs' Managing the task in mind that this is an quite so need dependency much to run. Going, meeting people, making and acting are the type of work, if it tries Thurs PERFORM well. It Does not get any, "says Municipal Niilo Koivurova Alatornion. He has Been Involved in the city of Tornio in 1972 joined the Alatornion stages of Development, most recently as mayor for more than just 20 years. Koivurova thoroughly familiar with Municipal Operations. They began Municipal at his career in 1931 and the municipality office in Various Positions before the transition to the mayor. Job Thurs counteract That Also gets a lot. This clearly what shines Municipal Koivurova thoughts. When I Retired in 1972, I got a table in memory of the year in the calendar. I some times afterwards browsed it. Everything a man ehtiikin "when working hard. Every day was marked with a wide range of inputs. Stage of Development was close siihenkin time Alatornion municipality. Conceived, were Planned, kuntainliittotyötä was, of course, In Addition To all, investigation of its Ordinary residents' meeting, meetings, contacts go, and many things mutch. Liitosasiakin Topical was at this time. Social work has Been people-centered, is everyone Effects of ITS. Liability is therefor not a minor, the vain weather joy "when things go forward.

In 1931, the municipality Alatornion recruited from the past 23-year-old office assistant, a very Crucial Developed and long-term Influence in the resort. I do intend Not Originally Thurs stay in the municipality to work. Käkisalmesta abandon war we will not have Struck tips That'll Be Possible To Reach the Municipal service. Despite the Difficult times of the then began work soon interested. I noticed That the social activities on are people-centered and so much more Giving. Many people in life, career choice guided by chance, but their mine Also Thurs. My father was somewhat Involved in local life. They did NOT, however, was not a Prominent local man. Its degree of social issues, however, there was talk That They arose sormenpäätuntuma. Between 1925-26 I was Peräpohjolan folk, and later trade school in Oulu. In 1934, I attended a rural union in Helsinki to Organize training Lasting monetize months, I Passed it and I got to use the title of Qualified Municipal clerk. Työtähän rite. Health care is not at the beginning of a wholesale Could not talk about yet. Schools had been, but their Not Enough. Require the Development of road condition.

Municipal Niilo Koivurova repeatedly stresses the Importance of the Independence of our country's Overall Development issue kirvoittaneena event. Personally to me Independence MEANS a lot, Because I saw it Originally, WCG was leave Thurs. We Received a National Can Achieve really much in it That Can Be proud of.
(Municipalities of Finland's Independence anniversary number 60V 23/1977)

Niilo Koivurova retires

Twice I have Said Thurs myself out, here it is vain, vain we are. Municipal Koivurova Niilo, 65, is retiring. His 40-year work days Alatornion municipality ends, while the self-claimed by the municipality ceases Thurs exist. But Even if a shift is a New Year Party and high-Tornio is a fact is that the mayor sits on a familiar desks Alatornion the Municipal office and show the Decline in the number paperinippujen Symptoms. -This hoidellaan still a couple months last year heritable things, manage things the new year jo Tornio bureaucracies.
Forty years is a lifetime, forty of the preceding year has Been a huge upheaval and Development time. In the first half of the bicycle was a rarity, I got my first bicycle in in 1926 and it was fast, and last year Played golf in a month. Also Alatornion municipality in northern Finland has Experienced Many of These Decades.

Niilo Koivurova Alatornion municipality Became Engaged two days on Military Service in Reaching 8 December 1931. There were two officers at That time. Was a recession and the Municipal office During the day met the unemployed and Their Families, Their Worries. Paper work had been done to Be on office hours in the evenings and weekends. And "when you do Not pay for months huimannut head, the young officer had yet to obtain extra Income. General recession period, in addition "to the municipality Affected Alatornion economy at That time saw a body burning Significant 20-century. This, combined with use fish for salmon Decline marked a severe setbacks in the municipality's economy. The State does Not Been Involved then in Unemployment Compensation. Was the only relief works, M Wages were so small, however, were forced That Families Thurs rely on the Municipal Social Welfare. Middle of the Decade the situation began Thurs calm down, and Unemployment Fell kunnankin Economic situation Improved Slightly. Until a heavy and Difficult years of war once again broke the peaceful Development. - Alatornion placed in the immigrants, the Municipal front, the men had Wives and children with a Variety of Difficulties at home. Then there was the office of Municipal heavy and unpleasant job. Felt That the stand IS NOT tired. But only so Crap think too SKIPPED periods. At During the period of Reconstruction was also Life Style a big workload, but their mood had the jo Turned to the second and Alatornio path. But the Reconstruction period on the end Came in front of the Unemployment office, "when Alatornion were unemployed in 1000 Municipality of this size, it was quite an amount.

During Those years there were Many Difficulties Thurs over come, "says daily affairs struggled with the mayor. - Now INSTEAD Alatornion is on unemployment low, Because the Rolling kinds of industrial facilities not have brought on new jobs in the region. Äyrikehittymä Alatornion grow annually by Almost 20 per cent and the rate of population in Recent years has shown growth. These past few years Have Been good. Society, demographic, Economic structure and change Seems here as well. Kingdom is still a little more than a Decade ago, the farmers had 55% of the population, v 70 They were no longer 28%. Industrial and construction industries in the number of Carriers in the murky period Increased by 12%, respectively. These are facts That issue that affects the Development of the municipality and Also the views of the private man . Alatornion The Development of the municipality is the confidence men's Contribution was decisive. The shop stewards, and Especially in the Presidents Have Been Capable of kunnalismiehiä, wakes driven not have the common interest. Been It has been a great relief from Municipal Officials for.

Alatornio'll be the ITS within current borders and manually very well the PERFORM Necessary work was gotten. But the Municipal status as a neighbor Took the city of Tornio Nations recombination only option. Tornio Needed Additional space and'd Have Been Lost Alatornion alueliitoksina the best Areas. The Remainder'd be incapable of Surviving stub jääänyt municipality. Were considered the best city of the Connected Whole municipality, not just parts of it. Also rerästehtaan entry Requirements Can Be Larger caused by a better unit Thurs Manage

When I started the work of the municipality in the 30's, not party politics Played a part in anything in life kunnallisesa. Instead, everyone Pulled Their villages own half bitterly. Sub-Tornio is a high risk That the angle of the municipality of policy will come back. Depends on the council, how it takes the extreme Areas. Unfortunately, the extreme Regions of continuous run, "when the services are forced Thurs move to the center of gravity centers. Those who currently Remain in Their villages, life is composed more and more Difficult, unless the municipality is also Life Style is a strong view Their position facilitate Thurs. The new council consisted of Largely Experienced local politicians and I Believe That Can it handle large Municipal Matters worse, without crises.

Awaiting the early days of the body of the municipality of Their hands had been full of work also in the evenings and weekends, was Able young Niilo Koivurova That Particular hobby. He was an enthusiastic Narrator, and Took lausuntatuntejakin. Pirkkiön Temperance drama club, club activities have they has Many good memories. Joining an amateur out major works, such "as Elina's murder and was on tour in the Adjacent Municipalities Ylitornio along. Also interested in the sport. Athletics and skiing in Particular. Koivurova was mm. Alatornion athletes and SVUL's North West district, who was Founder and Chairman of Alatornion skiing for a long time. Hobbies level Also reflects the fact-That Koivurova owns boxing and Athletics Judge cards.

Self-development has for Decades Been so easy as now, had no leisure activities have had no schools. Intellectual dynamism Niilo Koivurova Probably inherited from jo at his parents. Her father sent the boy Learned On the Road, Even though at the time Said That pärjäillään without koulujakin is pärjätty before. Now the Armies of the unemployed, I should get less if the Rational Education Ask a question, paid attention of in the past. But Even in the North West set up professional schools of this type lacked Legislative projects. Founder of Nations Took the risk Thurs Themselves and had it right. The school has Developed and Continues Thurs offer welcome to the professional learning Opportunities for area youth.

A couple of months on the Municipal Niilo Koivurova, tall, Slender, elegantly grizzled weight line, Bringing personal belongings desk drawers and presses at his office door. Retirement years are in front. I have Not Programmed for the future very carefully. First, the summer and Took it easy going comfort of your home and the home country in a roundabout way. But in September the time to navigate the dark warm countries. At least that many for a while.
Working on the municipality has Been done, Heavy Planet, is Also extremely interesting and rewarding, has Been close people. And this guy knows what they is talking. He knows the social activities on and feel Alatornion the municipality and residents of ITS.
(North Sanomat / Mirjam Kälkäjä 6/1/1973)

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[1] Alatornion Oldest Kemi and the history books, in part, "when ever the 1840s, it is my job within Pharmacies Th. J. Borg, a charitable funds by the Genealogical Society of COPYING, WCG is why I use this Opportunity Thurs express my gratitude Thurs him.
SSV 12 (1928), p. 22-102
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Alatorniolla oli 1600-luvun alussa asuttuja taloja viitisensataa. Taloryppäistä muodostettiin kyliä, kuten Aapajoki, Ahvenjärvi, Arpela, Kaisajoki, Keräsjoki, Könölä, Laivajärvi, Lapinjärvi, Liakka, Naartijärvi, Sangijärvi, Vuononoja ja meen rannalle Kaakama, Nikkala, Laivaniemi, Seittenkari, Säivi ja Vuono. Alatorniota oli tuolloin nykyisen Ruotsin puolella. Arpela saattoi saada nimensä Hannu Arpilta, kylän ensimmäiseltä asukkaalta, joka tuli Rautalammilta.
Kuningas Kaarle IX yritti asuttaa jopa Jäämeren rantoja, pysyvää asutusta ei syntynyt. Pohjoisimmiksi pysyviksi asutuksiksi saatiin Enontekiö ja Jukkasjärven kirkko- ja markkinapaikat.
1600-luvun väkirikkain kylä Vojakkala jaettiin Yli- ja Alivojakkalaksi. Alatornion Seittenkarin saarelle tuli pysyvä asutus 1610-luvulla. Tornio irrotettiin Alatorniosta kaupungiksi 1621. Pari vuotta myöhemmin siellä asui 23 porvaria ja 43 ruokakuntaa.
Vuonna 1615 Tornionjoen suurtulva tuhosi peltoja ja karjoja. 30-vuotinen sota 1618-1648 nieli parhaassa iässä olevia miehiä. Noina vuosina kärsittiin myös kadoista ja huonoista sadoista. Verotus oli ankaraa sodista johtuen. Tiloja autioitui ja veroja jäi maksamatta. 1600-luvun loppupuolella viljasato menetettiin useana vuotena.
1677 sotaväen otossa läänistä joutui 400 miestä sotaväkeen, tornionjokilaaksostakin 24 ja samana vuonna oli taas suurtulva. 250 ihmistä kuoli nälkään ja karjaa menehtyi kulkutautiin. Seuraavana vuonna verot koottiin korotettuina. Kruunun virkamiehet ajoivat takaa sotilaskarkureita. Se oli niin vaarallista, että he mieluummin sanoivat menevänsä vihollista päin kuin suomalaista sotamiestä. Pari miestä tuomittiin jopa kuolemaan juovuksissa sanotuista halventavista puheista maaherrasta. Hovioikeus muutti tuomion sakoiksi.

1680-luvulla olosuhteet paranivat ja elämästä selviydyttiin taas paremmin. Tätä edesauttoivat veronalennukset, jotka voitiin lopettaa vuosikymmenen lopulla. 1695 lähtivät jäät Tornionjoesta vasta kesäkuun alkupuolella ja kato oli lähes täydellinen. Viljaa tuotettiin laivoilla.

Eetu Isto

Eetu Isto Alatornilla Vojakkala was born 28/11/1865 and 14/10/1905 at last. Contemporaries remember him Energetic and life of the content closed-Seeking. Learned early, they have to practice the good things. They Learned That man was created for life, not for being.

Eetu Raumolla visited a primary school, was Vojakkala Because Not yet in school. There they was inspired by the colors. 1800s loppukymmeninä Alatornion Not Been great about the profession of learning opportunities Welcome, if Any Other Than Thought in Practice in the Professions.

Colors enthusiastic Eetu Mattila went Thurs Sweden, relatives Juusola maalariverstaaseen Doctrine. But she was skillful Not Enough Thurs master teaches techniques and color treatments, contrary to the public, they also Life Style vain Sought Ways to Helsinki to get Additional education. Vuorio famous painter in motion kisällinä they served for Many years.

Apprentice school, it was they Discovered That was more than just an Ordinary painter, they knew the how to compose shapes and colors. Painter Juniper: Eetu had separately. Eetulle was always the best entries. Eetu was Better Than the other "permitted".

Vuorio Movement Eetu Isto went Thurs Germany, Because "I do Not Want to be in place as a painter, I'd like to study painting. Eetu Completely language skills showed great Vigor and mental alertness, and gradually they Learned the language and was Able to play high-quality teaching Weimar Academy of Arts. They Achieved ITS adult culture, ADOPTED by the painter teaching degree, and monetize Returned years of study on the home country. He was accompanied by a number of works and Sketches. In Germany, they jo has outlined at his main work The attack, was finally wakes Completed in Finland. He was a young man kolmikymppinen. They made at his first work in Helsinki, and later at his home village Thurs Vojakkala.

State conditions on were very colorful at That time. Constitutional and Finno-party has fought behalf of the Beliefs. Isto had severe Constitutional. His most Notable works was always päätendenssi Fatherland and Its Oppression of subordination.

February Manifesto was carried out in the country on the adoption of a historic collection of Petition, wakes Sought the names of all Citizens. Isto ADOPTED enthusiastically in Their home region and undeviating in the depth of this work.

Vojakkala while living, they spared no effort and did Not like the names of the collection is too Difficult to work or are pregnant. Conveyor footpath, rivers exceeded venheellä, nevajänkiä Wading Planet Eetulla had a light low shoes. Fortunately, the summer was dry and very wet jängät. All back woods cabins were circumvented Being. Iston believes That every adult Finnish name was To Have a Petition. Only then can get the emperor Thurs reconsider ITS Decision.

Where young people met, there was Eetukin and then grieve That Could Be the speeches had Been feeling tired, they Does not emphasize the patriotism issue.

Isto painted one of the charlatan in the house. Jalmari Puoskari was closely monitoring the Iston way of working. Isto count piles of drawings made of coal, before moving colors. Color was Also a number of Sketches before deciding the actual work. They Used photography and drawing skitsien early stages.

Iston Charlatan course the most important Work was the Oath. Jalmari brothers, they painted a picture of a shepherd. Sumisaaren lohipadosta they did two paintings, one of WCG is Peräpohjolan folk and a second Oulu Finnish Club

Siberian prison camp was set Alatornion Reverend Johan Granö. They had two sons Paavo Kaappo and, Ken had Become Friends and peers with Previously Eetu Eetu. Took Granö boys always at his friend with him and they no longer tion just as the rest of the best cape in the Vicarage. Paavo Granö was subsequently mm. And the rector of the University of Turku Kaapposta Became a priest.

Reverend Granö was Able Alatornion man and brought on much good. But they longed Thurs Return to Siberia vankisiirtolan seoul manager. Granö Could not leave without her sons, and boys without Eetu Istoa.

Isto then Traveled with Granöjen Thurs Siberia, Leaving unfinished work here, mm. Quack is the wall of the Oath. Isto painted, of course, still in Siberia. He was there are two occasions in 1904 and 1905. They Fell ill there is Difficult, but their once they went to Finland healthier Organize näyttelyään. Kestettyään trip across Russia in a broad term and draughty hidaskulkuisessa Wagons on the train, they finally Came to Helsinki. Helsinki, they Received a severe pneumonia and at last within 40 years of age, 14/10/1905.

Eetu Isto Alatornion Buried in the churchyard. Funerals were imprinted in the mind Mourning ceremony. Several of at his friends, as artists please wanted musicians that make her last journey from and arrived at Long Distances. A number of speeches were held and the atmosphere was warm.

Oulu, Finnish Club Eetu later erected a memorial stone on the grave of Iston.

Was Eetu Isto artist? In Many Cases, the exact same question Presented, "says Jalmari Puoskari Nordic Journal Times sairasvuoteeltaan 1965 Eetu Iston birth centenary.

When me think people are very open, me say That we are Relatively small. Our life pihisee raoissa cramped. Isto yours a bit Different kind of mind, please what art historians then ADOPTED. Istolle there was no room. So me Humans are small, Hello, new to be. Personal sympatioittemme dependent, We Believe me Leveraging Thurs criticize what EACH invalid. This is a very Comprehensive law grip.

I do Not Dare to pretend Thurs anyone think I'd Connoisseur. First-hand impression, I'd say That Isto Been such "an artist, That would only be done is trade Portraits, they was much deeper. Maybe it's not all Agree That not a sufficient Measure of the most severe of art under the trees. Ken Istoa are unfamiliar with the books, but their are Ken Presented with what works Isto not have failed and Their survivors, May Their views Establish, They will find amazement, what had Been mentally Isto how much they had time to build.

Iston art Can Be found in two direction, the state and rural life. They made a tremendous job in front of Kari Si taulujensa. They wanted to try to everything so complete That they näpertelijäksi Even Accused. Work is so complete, That it is no longer an art! Not Istoa think there is complain That they finished doing the ITS work so That the viewer a Freedom.

Charlatan's office wall, hanging Among the Unresolved Vala-table bothered Iston way of working. The work is Fully Completed so far, what they has dealt with a Systematic style. Limit for the suspension of work from the painting is only a few dimmer hiilihahmotuksia jo demonstrating, Intended by pre-composition.

Oath of composition is centered by Nicholas II's character. The driving line is a line from dark hair hands along the open Bible Set to swear in the fingers. Right panel in the final part of the rättäri open the door Damper, ie the demons That room Because of a false Oath is full, can fly out. The left part is ready Thurs Finnish only symbolize a woman's face, the eyes feel fearful of the page. Judge figure and a woman's body remained between and only dimmed Appear carbon figures. Wall papers ready to Be part of the meticulous work depicting devils. Water bottle on the table is a Particularly Careful and researched work. Isto Used as a model at work places, residents mm. old ruotusotamies Heikki Liikamaa rättärinä, Ville Lampela emperor, Emma Kyöstäjä woman, Emil Peräntie Judge.

Unfinished work Vala (described in 1965 appeared Pohjolan Sanomat newspaper)

More about Eetu Isto :
Syntyi Alatorniolla 1865, Vuonna 1899 esiteltiin Helsingissä Iston maalaus Hyökkäys. Talousvaikeuksiensa takia hän palasi kotiseudulleen. Alatornion kirkkoherra laittoi taulun esille pappilaan. Venäläiset santarmit saivat tietää taulun sijainnin. Yöllä Granön pojat Kaapo ja Paavo kuljettivat taulun Tornionjoen yli Ruotsiin Haaparannalle, missä se asetettiin erään koulun luokkahuoneen seinälle ja siellä pääsivät ihmiset sitä katselemaan. Taululle perustettiin 300 osakkeen osakeomistus, jolloin Isto pääsi rahavaikeuksistaan. Taulu joutui liikemies Otto Nordbergin haltuun Ruotsissa. Häneltä taulu siirtyi heinolalaisen Niilo Helanderin haltuun. Helanderin leski lahjoitti taulun Kansallismuseolle.
Taulu on 2 m korkea ja 1,40 m leveä. Siihen Isto on kuvannut Suomi-neidon, jota kaksipäinen kotka ahdistaa. Taulusta otettiin Saksassa huomattava määrä jäljennöksiä, joita sitten tuotiin Suomeen. Iston sanotaan olleen tavanomainen suomalaismies, hiljainen jurottaja, mutta tarpeen vaatiessa tulisieluinen oikeuden puolustaja. Taulu syntyi juuri isänmaallisen innostuksen kasvaessa Berliinissä opiskellessa. Suomeen hän toi taulun 1899. Taululle pidettiin nimikilpailu, Hyökkäystä ehdotti Emmi Ajo Tampereelta. Vuonna 1900 Isto maalasi Alatornion kirkkoherran muotokuvaa ja Hyökkäys-taulu oli huoneen seinällä. Kirkkoherran pojat pelastivat Hyökkäyksen ennen santarmien tuloa ja veivät taulun pappilasta joen toiselle puolelle jäätä pitkin kelkalla Ruotsin Haaparantaan. Isto myi ensin taulun arpajaisissa helsinkiläisrouvalle, joka ei ollut uskaltanut laittaa sitä kotinsa seinälle ja niin Isto osti sen takaisin. Sitten Isto myi taulun Luulajaan Nordbergille, josta se myytiin Heinolaan kunnallisneuvos Niilo Helanderille, jonka leski antoi sen Kansallismuseoon. 1905.
Isto meni Alatornion kirkkoherran ja tämän poikien kanssa Siperiaan, missä Granö toimi karkotettujen pappina. Granöllä oli maatila Om-joen varrella. Isto palasi lavantautisena samana vuonna takaisin Helsinkiin, jossa sairastui keuhkokuumeeseen. Hän ei kestänyt keuhkokuumetta, vaan kuoli lokakuun 14. päivänä 1905. Eetu Isto haudattiin Alatorniolla kotiseudun multaan.


Kansanopistoja ryhdyttiin hankkimaan 1800-luvun loppupuolella varttuneen nuorison sivistämistä varten. Vuoteen 1901 mennessä oli perustettu 23 opistoa. Näiden tulevat johtajat saivat koulutuksensa Tanskassa, mistä opistoaate oli lähtöisin. Peräpohjolan kansanopistoa alettiin perustamaan 1896. Pari vuotta myöhemmin valittiin opiston johtokuntaan tuomari M. Niemelä, pankinjohtaja M. Hirmu, kirkkoherra J. Granö, opettaja O.A. Salonen, rehtori J.U. Nordberg ja opettaja K.J. Lund.

Tanskaan lähetettyjen stipendiaattien joukossa oli alatorniolainen Niilo Liakka. Hänet valittiin 1892 Etelä-Pohjanmaan kansanopiston johtajaksi. Liakka piti esitelmän Perä-Pohjolan maanviljelysseuran näyttelyssa 1896. Esitelmässä hän perusteli opiston merkitystä erityisesti maataloudelle. Pian valittiin toimikunta valmistelemaan opiston perustamisasiaa. Toimikuntaan tulivat kirkkoherra J. Granö ja talollinen E.A. Liakka sekä edustajat ympäristökunnista. Toimikunnan kokousta voidaan pitää opiston perustamiskokouksena.

Toimikunnan ensimmäisiä tehtäviä oli varojen kerääminen. Toimintaansa käynnistävä nuorisoseuraliike oli innolla mukana. Opisto haluttiin sijoittaa Kemijoen varteen, mutta siellä oli jo maatalouskouluja, kun Tornionjoen varrella ei ollut. Toimitiloiksi hankittiin Lankilan tila Alatorniolta tarjouskilpailun jälkeen.

1901 neiti Hanna Åström lahjoitti opistolle omistamansa Fältföre eli Rönnberg ja Rantalempeä nimiset tilat isoisänsä raatimies ja tehtailija Johan Åströmin kunniaksi. Rantalempeän 120 hehtaarin tilalta saatiin rakennuspuut. Opisto sai ison kivisen navetan, jossa oli karsina 60 lehmälle. Valtion tuella ja jokivarren kuntien myöntämillä varoilla voitiin kunnostaa rakennuksia ja ylläpitää toimintaa.

Ensimmäisenä johtajana oli Esa Eetu Takala kolme vuotta, sen jälkeen ylivojakkalalainen Niilo Liakka vuodesta 1904-1908. Johan E. Tuompo johti opistoa 1908-1920. Ilmari Paavola hoiti johtajuutta vuoteen 1937, sen jälkeen Reino Mähönen 33 vuotta ja vuodesta 1970 lähtien Pekka Palmu. Sotien jälkeisistä opettajista mainittakoon talousopettaja Eedit Merenheimo 31 vuotta, maatalousopettaja Antero Ollila 40 vuotta, käsityönopettaja Jalmari Puoskari 36 vuotta ja käsityönopettaja Laina Haapajärvi 23 vuotta. 

Ensimmäisen maailmansodan aikana 1917-1918 opistolle oli majoitettuna 100-150 venäläistä sotilasta. Marraskuun suurlakon aikana 1917 joukko aseistettuja punakaartilaisia ja venäläisiä sotilaita vangitsi johtaja Tuompon hetkellisesti. Valkoiset valtasivat verettömästi opiston helmikuussa 1918 ja siellä olleet venäläiset vangittiin. Sanomalehdissä ehdoteltiin 1917 opisto muutettavaksi kristilliseksi, lestadiolaiseksi kansanopistoksi. Opiston johtajana tuolloin ollut Tuompo torjui esitykset. Opiston suurlahjoittaja Hanna Åström oli myös ehdotusta vastaan. Samaan aikaan oppilaat perustivat toverikunnan, jonka tarkoituksena oli opiston tukeminen ja uusien oppilaiden hankkiminen ympäröivästä maakunnasta.

Kristillinen kansanopistoyhdistys luopui valtausaikeistaan ja perusti opiston Ylitorniolle 1923. Opisto oli suojeluskunnan perustamis- ja kokoontumispaikka. Ruotsista ja muista maista tulleet vapaaehtoiset koottiin opistolle 1939, ruotsalaiset eversti Dyrsenin johdolla. Jatkosodan aikana opisto toimi koulutuskeskuksena. Myös pakolaiset saivat turvapaikan opistolta. Lapin sodan keskeltä opisto pelastui kuin ihmeen kaupalla, vähäiset korjaukset tehtiin ruotsalaisten antaman avun turvin. Suojeluskunnan ja lottajärjestön lopettaessa toimintansa nämä lahjoittivat opistolle varoja tunnustuksena opiston suopeudesta ja avusta.

Nimi muuttui 1972 Peräpohjolan opistoksi. Opiston Liakassa sijainnut Rantalempeän maatila luovutettiin pika-asutukseen 1940 nimellistä korvausta vastaan. Karja myytiin 1956. Kun Kiviranta kaavoitettiin opiston omistaman Rönnbergin tilan maista osa myytiin ja vuokrattiin yksityisille ja kunnalle tonttimaiksi. Metsät myytiin Veitsiluoto Oy:lle uuden rakennuksen rahoittamiseksi. Opetusohjelmiin ei tehty isoja muutoksia, uutena oppiaineena aloitti ammatinvalinnanohjaus ja nuoriso-ohjaajakurssit. Myöhemmin painotettiin enemmän teoriaa ja syvällistä opetusta äidinkielessä, historiassa, matematiikassa ja kielissä. Keskikoulun kurssimäärä oli mahdollista suorittaa ja päästä jatkamaan esimerkiksi semnaariin. 1970-luvulla otettiin oppiaineeksi myös kuvataide. Toiminnan laajeneminen tarkoitti myös sitä, että oppilaitos oli muuttunut jatkokoulutuspaikaksi ja kansankorkeakouluksi. Opiston nimi muutettiinkin Peräpohjolan Opistoksi. Johtajan rinnalla on ollut myös johtajatar.

Opistosta muodostui keskeinen vaikuttaja Alatornion kunnan elämässä. Opiston käyneet nousivat näkyville paikoille varsinkin luottamustoimissa, tällaisia olivat mm. Kalle Faarinen, Jaakko Metsävainio, August Mäenalanen, Jalmari Puoskari, Hannes Pyyny, Yrjö Keisaari, Janne Luodonpää, Kalle Ahvenjärvi, Arvid Oukka. Opisto oli alkuaikoina henkisen elämän keskus. Opisto oli myös maanpuolustustyön keskus. Se myös korosti Kiviranan nousemista kunnan keskukseksi ja antoi piristystä koko kunnan henkiselle elämälle.

Ragnar Lassi Antti

We are ™ for how to express the Swedish and specifically Norrbotten County congratulations Thurs 350 years Ken Meets the city of Tornio. We have many Subjects to the fact-That so large numbers but we have arrived at Tornio.

But we have a common history and Tornio was its headquarters before 1607 to the current size Tornedalen always Jukkasjarvi, snow, Kautokeino and UTSJOKI along. Alatornion old shrine represents the Torne Valley The Same Way as the Uppsala Cathedral has meant a bit Larger context. Already more than just 600 years ago, visited here in Uppsala Archbishop and the Bishop of Turku, certainly Not the first instance, requesting broken Souls of men, but their Thurs ensure lohikymmenykset That'll be the Fairly allocated ab. When Finland and Sweden, archbishops, two years ago were here in Tornio, so me realized That They were more from the world please ITS predecessor, 1300's. But were the old piispatkin Millionaires understood of the Holy Scripture broadcast command, as Saying That the Archbishop of Uppsala here in Tornio otatti closed about 20 Lapps, whom they baptized Christians and thus were Lapps - What They Said Themselves not have for centuries on - the new God's Blessing.

Tornio Became famous in Sweden last, though virattoman Catholic Archbishop Olaus Magnus' book through time. He visited here as a young kanikkina way to the 1518-1519 and Sold to the people anekirjoja. Obtaining forgiveness of Sins Have Been Thurs was the real heart of this valley folks. But Perhaps all suurimerkityksellisintä was Olaus Magnus, a description of the bustling commerce by the Finns, Norwegians, Lapps, and Russians were Swedese in Tornio on the market.

Economic Cooperation has always Been to Fulfil the ITS market is human interaction over the Fairway Tornio, Tornio and the Tornio and jo markets are in the early Middle Ages were the center of commerce.

Here was Charles XI in 1600 by the late Saying the midnight Sun and the Existence of a few Decades later it Became a French expedition led by Maupertuis carried out by the ITS degree of measurement, showed wakes That the earth was flattened at navoilta. And by this visit - Especially Maupertuis and Voltaire, through discussions - Tornio Became well known in Paris Salons Written. In this context, "when me celebrate the Tornio, let me Remind you Also Tornio big boy, Anders Hellantista, Ken was born During the Great Wrath Korteniemi house Pello and Maupertuis was once an interpreter through at his life and was a devout spokesman here Tornio mm. The Swedish Academy of Sciences.

This little town in the Torne River was Discovered Role Suensaarella The late 1700s years. It was a commercial center, but their also Life Style-cultural. Here Doctrine mm. world-famous mathematician and astronomer Jöns Svanberg, born Kalixista, the English language, dilapidated Sailor mentor. And many others Came here I Learned Forge table. Tornio, then Also outlined the administrative center. North-west - Västerbotteninläänin sharing was a Topical Issue, Tornio and were considered very Suitable for the governor's residence in the new county seat. Presentation of the then still in Tornio bishop's seats, Because the Diocese of Härnösand sharing Planned then.

All this changed, "when Finland and northern Sweden were forced to the war. Sweden Thurs Attempt will reap a Reputation as war zones, and King Gustav IV Adolf was succeeded vastustajikseen Not only Russia, but their also Life Style French the Emperor and the Italian, Danish and Norwegian kings. War, Especially in the flow of well-know and a lot has Been Said about peace and Hamina, Porvoo Diet, the Emperor Alexander I, Ken if they give the Finnish people by promising Thurs follow and respectfull the so-called "Sweden's King Gustav III's form of government, ie 1772 form of government. And that was the result of the fact-That the Constitution, wakes up in Haparanda is never applied was force Their way here in Tornio, Finland UNTIL 1919 or until such "time as Finland Tornedalians kind Kaarlo Castrén - the so Castrén-called Christian boy - were ADOPTED at the current prime minister of a Republican form of government.

Let us, however, the Peace of Hamina and the Diet of Porvoo, and look at What happened here in Tornio. That's what Happened on the peace in Tornio, M the so-called border "regime Agreement was signed on 20 day of November 1810 I think is so Remarkable human and more international Cooperation in mind that this is an Agreement Shall be regarded as a kind of North Calotte basic book - Magna Chartana. It is absolutely pathetic Almost, how Gently the border region's population was discussed. The peace terms imposed had Bee That the property must be the murky side of the border please the owner, vain Because of this limit the population was found to Be in a special position, so here Tornio Given contract was five years time, "when They had Thurs change the side of the border, M They were immovable, or else the murky period of time to sell or abandon the exchange of property. Authorities obliged Thurs ensure justice That'd Remain the glory of These sales and exchanges.

Population Tornio and Muonio River valleys were still have permission to use the former kirkkojansa and carry out the priest and the Church of the Servants, tithes and Other Allowances, and "when They are-three years later Gave up this right, then Gave Them to Pay Compensation for what They had paid for the Churches, parsonages, pitäjäntupien and sessions Areas Improvement works. Swedish Röyttä Secured the right-to-use the port, and the cross border flow over the river was everywhere free. Secured Swedese Also the right-to-use the road Övertorneå Tornio, M They Took part in the ITS maintenance. Not yet but we have moniker today by the murky distance to the Nordic Border Cooperation. This Agreement was Approved the Holy and undivided Trinity, amen. Every year, at a later date was very wide-ranging free trade Agreement between Russia and the current Between the Nordic countries. The Swedese and the Norwegians were the rights of free trade in St. Petersburg, Riga, Reval in Turku, and Helsinki, and the Russians were Granted Similar rights in Stockholm, Kristiansand, and Hammerfest.

The new Agreement with Sweden and Norway the king and the Emperor of Russia was Signed Between the re-Tornio in 1821, wakes clarified the border personnel on the rights of Criminals and the punishment it was agreed to, wakes up is still in force. A couple of years before the penalty was imposed, That the Swedish and Norwegian Subjects Not did the police and the Courts May impose ruumiinrankaisua, military service, or deportation Thurs Siberia, but their only under arrest for a Specified period, or Expulsion from the country.

I am here väläytellyt Tornio a past That gives us reason Thurs ask Whether there was a terrible war Took place on the peace so-called shame of peace. It Can Be so, if look at me What happened in February, for example the Declaration and Bobrikov the context of this century and the beginning of the so-called Oppression of years, but their the PEACE of Hamina Also opened the road Border Cooperation, wakes Fell a Permanent Basis to the conditions on wakes me live under today. Maybe we do, on all, this day is reserved Thurs feel gratitude for providence, the history of the goddess of how These border lines in the Scandinavian has Been Pulled. Was very close to the alpha-limit, I should get along Pulled Kalixinjokea. What it meant to Finland in 1917, if the Norrbotten iron ore fields, Mainly in Russia'd Have Been subject to the mines? My question: Should Finland Received Their Independence? If it'd not have Received it, What Happened'd not have During World War II, "when Finland was at war and Almost all the major Powers'd himoinneet These mines? These questions do Not Need to answer. It suffices That Crap think sweet. It is also Life Style checked the subject to ask what Happened'd not have in this century, "when Finland was annexed Thurs Sweden up to the article" when Norway ceased ITS Sweden. Should the example of Norway was omiansa Nourish the Finnish Efforts To achieve Independence? And if the connection Ask a question, preserved in the First World War, the times in case it wakes'd Have Been the fate of this border region?

These questions raise the doubt of Satisfaction at the fact-that this is an border region is now at peace and good community spirit. Free and independent Finland - as someone has Said - the largest gift, what Sweden's foreign policy has in mind on the Peace of Hamina. We Swedese not have every reason today, Thurs under this fact-line.

Norrbotten County gift "Border Play" wants pictures of Tornio and Swedish Neighbors, the Cohesion in the past, the current warm relations and bright prospects.

Sculptor Ensio Seppänen Creative Commons License of children through play to describe the border reconciliation and hope for the future. Swedish and Finnish boy creates Ships friend and bridge marks for solid contact and interaction. She has the eyes and one foot on the Swedish side of the border river and the artist wants to describe the so-called Marriage poikkinaintia, vain Also gives a girl on the other hand Thurs Gently rest is a Finnish boy's shoulders. This picture is real goodwill and Humanity, the word environment, M flowing water images of nature and God's free flow of time from Time Thurs.-time. Bag girl's arm, the image border trade. The girl's eyes reminds the course of history in two respects: Oriental war, During the Crimean War the British Destroyed the Tornio region, but their "when someone Told a ship belonging Thurs haaparantalaiselle, then Saved it. That says fact-much further than that of Greater Britain and the Queen Empress of India did Not Want to mess with väliänsä Haparanda.

This bridge is also Life Style Illustrated by the Torne Bridge, the so-called bridge Hannula, wakes Uuno Hannula vihkimispuheessaan months before the Second World War, described in the following words, words wakes Shall apply "with this artist to describe the bridge:

"For centuries, here are linked past and Present Thurs. Tornio bridge again Thurs link Present and future. Iron it is built and take our time and times of next Generations. It is a contemporary memorial Thurs those who currently come on us and hold me hmmmm so dear life-support areas of European. For Them, this bridge is once Biographical greetings independent Finland for the first generation Thurs generation. "

Five years later, this bridge miinoitettiin, vain then Mayor P. Koponen was Able to contact Ms Eeva Nikulaan Haparanda, Sweden, in turn wakes hälyytti information bureau and a radio Staged greatly the risk of an exposure Thurs Haparanda, Sweden and the Interests of miinoituksen had fallen through. Miinoitus was demolished by the Germans. This fact-Gave Karuna, a warlike day border interaction over the sublime and warming character. Thus, We can if we ask, using our imagination in this "Border Play" to see the sculpture Petteri Koponen and Eve Nikula, standing second in the second bridge to the Ear Guards and Their service Thurs bless the Finnish countries.

Play-border statue emanates the past, but their Swedese see me in it, above all, modern fatherhood stamp.

I ask That You, Mr. Mayor, you why I have accept this memorial in the city of Tornio ownership and maintenance.

Ragnar Lassi Antti, governor of the city of Tornio 5.9.1971 350 anniversary celebration


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